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    • Sketch Artist

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      • Work Environment. A sketch artist is a professional that creates sketches and drawings for various purposes. ...
      • Education Requirements. Becoming a sketch artist does not necessarily require any sort of formal education. ...
      • Salary and Job Outlook. All sketch artists fall under the broad category of fine artists, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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  2. What Does a Sketch Artist Do? - › articles › What_Does_a_Sketch_Artist_Do
    • Career Overview
    • Job Opportunities
    • Education
    • Salary and Employment Outlook

    Sketch artists specialize in being able to look at a subject and draw as near as possible a replica of it on paper, using pencils, charcoal, or another medium. You will find sketch artists employed in a variety of areas in the workforce.

    At fairs, you may see them drawing caricatures. If you have ever watched a court show on television, you might have seen an artist in the courtroom, drawing pictures of the jury, the judge, and the witnesses on the stand. You can find the work of sketch artists in newspapers. This occupation pre-dates the existence of the camera and was used to convey important events, like the Civil War. As a sketch artist working for a newspaper, you'll be sent to events or locations to capture stories visually for readers. You might lend your skills to other forms of print media, like books, providing sketch art illustrations for story enhancement. Sketch artists are also employed by police departments and forensic science professionals. Your duties might involve visiting crime scenes and drawing pictures of the surroundings and the victims. You might also construct a drawing of a face by speaking with witnesses and friends and asking them to describe a person's features. Additionally, you might...

    To begin your trek into the sketch art world, consider a bachelor's degree program in art or fine art. You can narrow your focus in the discipline by choosing drawing or sketching as your concentration. If you want to become a teacher in an elementary, middle, or high school, you'll be required to enroll in a program that grants a teaching certificate. Master's-level training can help you further refine your abilities and find your niche. It will also qualify you to become a college professor. In addition to general education requirements, you can study topics like art history, visual organization, human anatomy, life drawing, and painting. Throughout your educational program, you'll craft your portfolio, which is a compilation of your best work that serves as your artistic marking tool.

    In a May 2018 report, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, indicated that the mean annual wage for fine artists, which includes sketch artists, was $58,370. Employment opportunities for this group were expected to grow by seven percent between 2016 and 2026. The BLS reported that the job market will be competitive, since there are more artists than opportunities. There will likely be more of a demand for artists specializing in graphic design. Fine artists may find it more difficult to earn a salary by only selling their work.

    • Hand-eye coordination, steady hands, and listening skills
    • Multimedia Artist/Animator, Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Art Director
    • While secondary and postsecondary education are available, they are rarely required
    • Varies depending on the job
  3. Sketch Artist: How to Become a Professional Sketch Artist › articles › Sketch_Artist_How_to_Become_a

    Mar 05, 2020 · The term sketch artist refers, in the broad sense, to an artist who creates likenesses of subjects using tools such as pencil, charcoal and pastels. The term is sometimes employed to refer to...

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  4. How to Become a Sketch Artist || The Art Career Project › become › sketch-artist

    In most cases, the term, "sketch artist" refers to someone who creates sketches for law enforcement. Realistically, however, a sketch artist is anyone who creates images using sketching techniques. Sketch artists can look at a subject and draw it as close as possible to the original on paper or another similar surface.

  5. Sketch Artist | Careers | Salary | Jobs || The Art Career Project › careers › sketching

    A sketch artist is a professional that creates sketches and drawings for various purposes. Some artists of this sort might create portraits or other pictures for other people’s viewing pleasure. In some cases, a sketch artist might draw pictures modeled after live subjects and scenes.

  6. Becoming a Sketch Artist: Job Description & Salary Information › articles › Sketch_Artist_Career

    Sketch artists create sketches of people, crime scenes, and courtrooms used by law enforcement and news media to identify suspects, solve cases and inform viewers about trials and court proceedings. Review the pros and cons below to see if becoming a sketch artist is right for you. Pros of Being a Sketch Artist.

  7. How to Become a Professional Sketch Artist in 5 Steps › articles › Sketch_Art_5_Steps_to
    • $54,170 (for all fine artists, including painters, sculptors and illustrators)*
    • High school diploma; vocational training is common
    • Certification is optional
    • 3% (for all fine artists, including painters, sculptors and illustrators)*
    • Research Sketch Artist Opportunities and Training. As a professional sketch artist, your skills may be used to identify suspects of crimes or to illustrate court room proceedings.
    • Take College-level Courses. You don't have to follow a fixed education path to become a sketch artist, but it's important to find strong art programs where you can take composite drawing classes to develop your skills.
    • Find Sketching Workshops. By attending sketching workshops, you can further develop a strong portfolio to help with future freelance opportunities.
    • Find a Job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in 2018 that job opportunities for fine artists, including sketch artists, would grow by 1% between then and 2028, with keen competition for employment opportunities.
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