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  1. A distinctive feature of the dictionary is the abbreviated definitions, highlighted prior to the full definition, for a quick glance meaning or to identify the sense being sought. The Encarta name is also used for the abbreviated college dictionary editions. Publication data. Encarta World English Dictionary (1999), Anne Soukhanov, editor. St.

  2. Dec 26, 2013 · Encarta dictionary is most used in knowledge domains by students and researchers. Encarta Dictionary Overview: Encarta Dictionary is a comprehensive database of words which you need to know to enrich your word power. Developed under the banner of software giant i.e Microsoft, Encarta dictionary has all that you will dream for in any of the ...

  3. The New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD) is a single-volume dictionary of American English compiled by American editors at the Oxford University Press. NOAD is based upon the New Oxford Dictionary of English ( NODE ), published in the United Kingdom in 1998, although with substantial editing, additional entries, and the inclusion of illustrations.

  4. The exponent of a number says how many times to use that number in a multiplication. It is written as a small number to the right and above the base number.

  5. – Online dictionary and encyclopedia with pictures, facts, and videos. Get information and homework help with millions of articles in our FREE, online library.

  6. Second, this reaction against scholasticism shapes the presentation of Hobbes’s own ideas. He insists that terms be clearly defined and relate to actual concrete experiences—part of his empiricism. (Many early sections of Leviathan read rather like a dictionary.) Commentators debate how seriously to take Hobbes’s stress on the importance ...

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