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      • The adjective pacific means peaceful, calm, tranquil, or nonviolent. When capitalized, Pacific is best known as the name of the Pacific Ocean , often simply called the Pacific. The adjective pacific is not used nearly as often as some of its common synonyms, such as peaceful.
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  2. How did the Pacific Ocean get its name? › facts › pacific

    In 1519, Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, in the employ of Spain, began a journey across the Atlantic Ocean to seek a western route to the Spice Islands via South America. After braving perilous seas and navigating through what are now known as the Straits of Magellan, his small fleet entered an unfamiliar ocean in Nov. 1520. He called this body of water pacific, due to the calmness of the water at the time (' pacific ' means peaceful).

  3. Pacific ocean | Definition of Pacific ocean at › browse › pacific-ocean

    noun. an ocean bordered by the American continents, Asia, and Australia: largest ocean in the world; divided by the equator into the North Pacific and the South Pacific. 70,000,000 square miles (181,300,000 square kilometers); greatest known depth, 35,433 feet (10,800 meters).

  4. The Pacific Ocean (1660 in English) was famously so called in 1519 by Magellan when he sailed into it and found it calmer than the stormy Atlantic, or at least calmer than he expected it to be. According to an original account of the voyage by an Italian named Pigafetta, who was among the adventurers, Magellan gave the entrance to what Pigafetta calls "the South Sea" the Latin name Mare Pacificum .

  5. Pacific Ocean, the | meaning of Pacific Ocean, the in Longman ... › dictionary › pacific-ocean

    Pacific Ocean, the From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Paˌcific ˈOcean, the (also the Pacific) the world's largest ocean, covering one third of the Earth's surface between the continent s of North and South America to the east and Asia and Australia to the west

  6. Pacific | Definition of Pacific at › browse › pacific

    The Pacific Ocean was named by navigator Ferdinand Magellan in Portuguese as Mar Pacifico, meaning “peaceful sea,” due to the fact that its waters were calm when he first reached it. The word Pacific in relation to the ocean can also be used to identify the places that border it, as in Pacific coast and Pacific region.

  7. What does Pacific mean? - definitions › definition › Pacific

    Editors Contribution (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: pacific. A type of ocean with a known location on planet earth. The pacific ocean is bounded by the continents of Asia and Australia in the west and the Americas in the east. Submitted by MaryC on April 11, 2020.

  8. To ascertain the origin of the oceanic P … Cyrtandra comprises at least 600 species distributed throughout Malesia, where it is known for many local endemics and in Polynesia and Micronesia, where it is present on most island groups, and is among the most successfully dispersing genera of the Pacific.

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  9. Understanding the origin and fate of mode and intermediate waters (MW) in the subtropical Pacific Ocean is critical for climate, as MW store and export a large volume of CO2, heat, nutrients and salinity to lower latitudes at depths isolated from the atmosphere. A realistic 4D simulation has been used to track and quantify the MW routes and their property characteristics at the last region of ...

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