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      • WikiLeaks, media organization and Web site that functioned as a clearinghouse for classified or otherwise privileged information. WikiLeaks was founded in 2006 by Australian computer programmer and activist Julian Assange.
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  2. WikiLeaks | Founding, History, & Controversies | Britannica › topic › WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks, media organization and Web site that functioned as a clearinghouse for classified or otherwise privileged information. WikiLeaks was founded in 2006 by Australian computer programmer and activist Julian Assange.

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    WikiLeaks (/ ˈwɪkiliːks /) is an international non-profit organisation that publishes news leaks and classified media provided by anonymous sources. Its website, initiated in 2006 in Iceland by the organisation Sunshine Press, stated in 2015 that it had released online 10 million documents in its first 10 years.

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    May 07, 2011 · WikiLeaks is an independent global group of people with a long standing dedication to the idea of a free press and the improved transparency in society that comes from this. The group includes accredited journalists, software programmers, network engineers, mathematicians and others.

  5. What is Wikileaks? - BBC News › news › technology-10757263

    Dec 07, 2010 · Wikileaks has established a reputation for publishing sensitive materials Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has dominated the news, both because of its steady drip feed of secret documents, but...

  6. Telling the Story of WikiLeaks - FPIF › telling_the_story_of_wikileaks

    Feb 28, 2011 · WikiLeaks is written by David Leigh, The Guardian’s investigative editor, and Luke Harding, its award-wining foreign correspondent. The introduction is by the paper’s senior editor, Alan Rusbridger. Like Open Secrets, WikiLeaks promises to reveal the inside story of its dealings

  7. What is Wikileaks? | CBC News › news › world
    • What Is Wikileaks?
    • Why Was It started?
    • Who Runs It?
    • How Does It Work?
    • What Other Notable Leaked Documents Has It published?

    WikiLeaks is a non-profit global media organization that releases previously secret information directly to the public. Its founders say the site protects people who want to shine a light on government and corporate misconduct. It is not affiliated with the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. The organization describes itself as providing "an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists (our electronic drop box). One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth." WikiLeaks describes itself as the "uncensorable wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis." It was originally based in Sweden and had collected 1.2 million leaked documents when it started posting documents in 2007.

    The founders say that WikiLeaks protects people who want to bring government and corporate misconduct into the public domain. It allows individuals to anonymously publish previously classified, hidden or sensitive documents. The site, which has won multiple awards, says its aim is to make governments more open to scrutiny. "We believe that transparency in government activities leads to reduced corruption, better government and stronger democracies." WikiLeaks says that obtaining this information has traditionally been costly, both in terms of human life and human rights. But technological advances mean that the risks of conveying information can be lowered.

    The website is run by a group of volunteers and is supported through donations. It was originally the project of a company called the Sunshine Press. The site had trouble securing funding and went through a period of near-bankruptcy. In 2009 it was temporarily shut down, before re-launching in 2010. Australian Julian Assangeis one of the people who founded the website in 2006, and has become the public face of the organization. He describes himself as a member of the board and editor-in-chief of the site. He says he is a volunteer, like the rest of the people who work for the site. According to the Times newspaper, Assangewas one of six people arrested for hacking NASA's computers while the Atlantis shuttle launched in 1989. While he was not implicated in the NASA attack, he was charged with more than 30 counts of computer crime, placed on a "good behaviour bond" and fined more than $2,000. Assange won an Amnesty International Media Award in 2009, was named by Utne Reader in Decembe...

    When WikiLeaks was launched, users were invited to submit directly to the site but as more and more documents began to overload its servers, WikiLeaks changed its all-access posting rule. It now requests submissions from leakers. WikiLeaks volunteers determine whether a document is legitimate and calculate its overall relevance and importance. The site says it assures protection and anonymity using cryptographic technologies. It also collects material in person and from postal dropoffs. The site's servers are spread out over several international locations and do not keep logs. The team also has a network of lawyers to defend published documents and protect sources.

    Aug. 31, 2007: Wikileaks releases a report by the international investigative firm, Kroll Associates, that alleged that former Kenyan president Daniel Arap Moi and his associates looted billions fr...
    Nov. 7, 2007: A copy of standard operating procedures for Camp Delta – the  U.S. Army detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – dated March 2003 reveals some of the restrictions placed over detainee...
    April 5, 2010: Wikileaks releases classified U.S. military video from a series of attacks on July 12, 2007, in Baghdad by a U.S. helicopter. Twelve civilians were killed including two Reuters news...
    July 2010: Wikileaks releases the Afghanistan war logs.
  8. What Is Wikileaks And How Did It Come Into Being? » Science ABC › social-science › how-wikileaks

    Nov 24, 2016 · Wikileaks is a non-for-profit independent media group that specializes in leaking classified or restricted documents from various governments and organizations in an effort to increase transparency and expose corrupt behavior in the halls of global power.

  9. The Real Significance of WikiLeaks - The American Prospect › culture › real-significance-wikileaks

    May 10, 2011 · More than a story about WikiLeaks and Assange, Keller's introduction is a testament to an identity crisis and deep insecurity at the heart of the traditional American news industry. Professional journalists see themselves as mortally threatened by increased competition and the free availability of news online.

  10. Everything You Need to Know About Wikileaks | MIT Technology ... › 2010/12/09 › 120156

    Dec 09, 2010 · What is Wikileaks? Wikileaks is a self-described “not-for-profit media organization,” launched in 2006 for the purposes of disseminating original documents from anonymous sources and leakers.

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