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    • What does the euro symbol € mean?

      • Euro symbol € is a sign of currency running in most of European Union. Euro has it roots from the Greek letter epsilon Є and it´s a reference to the cradle of European civilization (Ancient Greece) and the first letter of the word Europe, crossed by two parallel lines to postulate stability of the euro currency.
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    The euro sign ( €) is the currency sign used for the euro, the official currency of the eurozone and unilaterally adopted by Kosovo and Montenegro. The design was presented to the public by the European Commission on 12 December 1996. It consists of a stylized letter E (or epsilon ), crossed by two lines instead of one.

    • .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}U+20AC € EURO SIGN (€)
    • U+20A0 ₠ EURO-CURRENCY SIGN (predecessor).
  2. Nov 23, 2019 · To type the euro sign on mac, or the euro symbol on mac as some may call it; You need to do a special key-combination. The combination is Alt + Shift + 2. You will need to hold your Alt key pressed, then press the shift (hold it pressed as well) and then the number 2. This will display the euro sign (€) wherever you are typing at this moment.

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    What does the euro symbol € mean?

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  4. If you have occasional references to money that will be specifically sought out by your audience, follow the recommendation for symbols shown below. Use Symbols Followers of Chicago style should use the euro (€) and pound (£) symbols for more frequent references to money. 3 A hotel in Paris will cost between €178 and €1,190.

  5. how to type the euro symbol directly from the keyboard Press the Num Lock key and leave it active; Hold the Alt button and enter the numbers 0128. In other keyboards, the symbol is usually found on the “E” button, but for that, it is necessary to keep pressing the Alt Gr button, or the Alt, and press the “E”.

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    Open the text you want to type the Euro (€) symbol. You can type a Euro symbol in any text editor, document, message, note or any other text field.
    Press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys at the same time. You can type special characters on your keyboard with this combination, including the Euro symbol.
    Press E on your keyboard. Without releasing Ctrl and Alt, press this button to instantly insert the Euro (€) symbol. This works on Microsoft Office. On some versions of Windows, you may have to press 4 instead of E. Some international keyboards may require a different combination. You can try Ctrl+Alt+5 or Alt Gr+E if the above combinations don't work for your keyboard.
    Copy and paste the Euro symbol from somewhere else (optional). As an alternative, you can copy and paste this symbol from a different document, a web page, or from below: The Euro symbol: € You can find step-by-step instructions for copying and pasting on Windows here.
    Look for it on the character map. To do so, open the character map (the app with the cube icon), search for the Euro (€) symbol, and double-click it, then choose Copy.
    In an HTML UTF-8 editor, you can use € to get the Euro (€) symbol. Thanks! Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
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  6. Jan 29, 2022 · To insert the euro sign or symbol using Insert Symbol in the Ribbon in Word: Position the cursor in the Word document where you want to insert the euro symbol. Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon. In the Symbols group, click Symbol. A drop-down menu appears. Click More Symbols. A dialog box appears. If necessary, click the Symbols tab.

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