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  1. Jun 03, 2020 · But apergy acting with gravity holds them as they are. The apergic force of the sun repels and his gravity attracts. In the meantime, as the sun is swiftly moving himself through space his family of satellites is moving with him and the apergic force harmoniously blended with the gravic force circles them around the central power, for the ...

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    Another 11th-century Persian polymath, Al-Biruni, proposed that heavenly bodies have mass, weight, and gravity, just like the Earth. He criticized both Aristotle and Ibn Sina for holding the view that heavenly bodies lack these properties and that only the Earth has mass, weight and gravity.

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  4. 'Antigravity' Propulsion System Proposed | Space › 2026-antigravity-propulsion-system

    Feb 15, 2006 · Gravity is a favoritesource of propulsion for science fiction writers. In his 1880 novel Acrossthe Zodiac, writer Percy Greg refers to a marvelous material called apergy:. I had satisfied myself ...

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  5. Antigravity' Propulsion System Proposed - anti-gravity technology › anti_gravity_propulsion3

    Gravity is a favorite source of propulsion for science fiction writers. In his 1880 novel Across the Zodiac, writer Percy Greg refers to a marvelous material called apergy: I had satisfied myself that only one thing needful was as yet wholly beyond the reach and even the proximate hopes of science...

  6. For example, the observed behavior of the earth's revolving around the sun can be perfectly explained if the sun has a net positive charge and the planets have a net negative charge, since opposite charges attract and the force is an inverse-square law, exactly as proposed by the increasingly discredited Theory of Gravity.

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    Aristotelian theory of gravity; Le Sage's theory of gravitation (1784) also called LeSage gravity, proposed by Georges-Louis Le Sage, based on a fluid-based explanation where a light gas fills the entire Universe. Ritz's theory of gravitation, Ann. Chem. Phys. 13, 145, (1908) pp. 267–271, Weber-Gauss electrodynamics applied to gravitation ...

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    In 2009, Erik Verlinde proposed a conceptual model that describes gravity as an entropic force. He argues (similar to Jacobson's result) that gravity is a consequence of the "information associated with the positions of material bodies". This model combines the thermodynamic approach to gravity with Gerard 't Hooft's holographic principle.

  9. New theory of gravity.. The proposed new theory of gravity is ... › @MahmoudNafousi › new-theory-of-gravity

    Sep 04, 2018 · The proposed new theory of gravity is based on the postulation that the entire universe is composed of only two fundamental particles with few binary characteristics.

  10. Gravity theory - international trade theory | Economics ... › Global_economics

    Gravity theory of trade. In attempting to understand the pattern of trade in a globalised world, economists have frequently used the gravity model. This was first presented in 1962 by Jan Tinbergen, who proposed that the size of bilateral trade flows between any two countries can be approximated by employing the ‘gravity equation’, which is derived from Newton’s theory of gravitation.

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