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  1. pimp (n.) "one who provides others with the means and opportunity of gratifying their sexual lusts," c. 1600, of unknown origin, perhaps from French pimpant "alluring in dress, seductive," present participle of pimper "to dress elegantly" (16c.), from Old French pimpelorer, pipelorer "decorate, color, beautify."

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    When you're a hardcore pimp/player Pimp+Player=Pimper. ... this word came out of a mans mouth with out thinking pimper is more pimp than pimp it means cooler than ...

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  4. The Pimper family name was found in the USA between 1880 and 1920. The most Pimper families were found in the USA in 1880. In 1880 there were 7 Pimper families living in Nebraska. This was about 35% of all the recorded Pimper's in the USA. Nebraska had the highest population of Pimper families in 1880.

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    Definition of pimper in the dictionary. Meaning of pimper. What does pimper mean? Information and translations of pimper in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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    As a noun, pimp means a person, usually a man, who lives off the earnings of a prostitute. The word may come from Medieval French pimper “to dress elegantly.” The stereotypical pimp is known for a garish mode of dress. Another French word, pimpreneau, meant “a knave, rascal, varlet, scoundrel.”

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    From etymonline: pimp (n.) c. 1600, of unknown origin, perhaps from Middle French pimpant "alluring in dress, seductive," present participle of pimper "to dress ...

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    The word pimp first appeared in English in 1607, in a Thomas Middleton play entitled Your Five Gallants. It is of unknown origin, but may have stemmed from the French infinitive pimper meaning to dress up elegantly and from the present participle pimpant meaning alluring in seductive dress.

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    The word 'Pimp' is thought to derive (although no one can be entirely sure) from the French word 'Pimper', which means to dress well or elegantly. A pimp is a person who finds and manages a group of prostitutes, either working the street or in a brothel. The Pimp both protects the girls and finds work for them.

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    Pimp definition, a person, especially a man, who solicits customers for a prostitute or a brothel, usually in return for a share of the earnings; pander; procurer.

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