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      • Elida is a female member of the Eagle Tribe and the player's guide in Legends of Chima Online. Appearing to help them after the player helps Laval, she acts as the mission control, providing the player with several hints, missions, and various objectives while providing commentary on recent events.
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  2. Elida | LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Elida

    Elida is a female member of the Eagle Tribe and the player's guide in Legends of Chima Online. Appearing to help them after the player helps Laval, she acts as the mission control, providing the player with several hints, missions, and various objectives while providing commentary on recent events. Trivia

  3. Elida | Brickipedia | Fandom › wiki › Elida

    Elida is a minifigure that appears in LEGO Legends of Chima Online. She is a scout for the Eagle tribe, and gives missions and advice to the player during gameplay. She is also playable in Laval 's journey and seen in the show.

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  4. Legends of Chima - Wikipedia › wiki › Legends_of_Chima

    Ehboni - Ehboni is a character in Lego Legends Of Chima Online who provides guidance to the character. Elida - Elida is a scout in Lego Legends Of Chima Online and is playable in Laval's Journey and plays cameos in the TV Series. Eagle Soldiers - They are light blue soldiers of the Eagle Tribe that fight in the TV Series. The Gorilla Tribe

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    • January 16, 2013 –, November 22, 2014
  5. Legends of Chima | Brickipedia | Fandom › wiki › Legends_of_Chima
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    One defining trait of the Legends of Chima theme is the animal-motif used by nearly every set in the line. Vehicles and structures feature the head-shape, outline, or both of their respective tribe's patron animal. Several vehicles also include blue tubing and/or lights to represent Chipowering it and/or a weapon. many different factions have been released through several sets. Each faction has its own colour scheme and unique characteristics. Vehicles and structures used by the lion tribe use flame yellowish orange as a primary color, brown for their manes, and different shades of lighter brown for accents and differentiation. White teeth, fangs, and claws are also a recurring attribute. The larger lion vehicles also feature red tongues inside jaws which can open and close. When the lion figureheads are given colored eyes, blueis generally chosen. Olive green is the color chosen as the dominant one in the Crocodile Tribe's scheme while red is used secondarily for highlights. Differ...

    Main Articles: List of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series episodes, Land of Chima Of thousands of years of peace, Chima is once again torn in conflict because a misunderstanding, and the Crocodile Tribe leads it's allies into battle against the Lions. Soon, Laval the Lion Prince is tricked into throwing the Crocodile's CHI into the "Gorge of Eternal Depth" and more tension comes... Finally after months of fighting the tribes must unite because of a "Black Cloud" threatening Mt. Cavora, the source of CHI, yet when the CHI Falls stop, the Lions are blamed and the final battle for Chima has come. Though, when Laval and Cragger's showdown comes they find themselves falling to their deaths, until Laval sacrifices his life, reminding Cragger of his friendship with him. By faking his death Laval finds the Crocodile Legend Beast one of the eight Legend Beasts which can restart the falls, and returns, much to Cragger's relief. Soon after the Tribes unite as allies to go and save the other...

    Video Games

    1. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey 2. LEGO Dimensions

    Online Games

    1. LEGO Legends of Chima Online 2. Legends of Chima: Speedorz 3. Laval Unleashed

    IOS Games

    1. Legends of Chima: Speedorz 2. LEGO Legends of Chima Online 3. Legends of Chima: Tribe Fighters

    Li'ella, Tormak and Lundor are all of different tribes, but fight for one order, The Cat Guides.
    Instead of a regular plain Trans-Blue CHI element, the Summer 2014 sets also have a Trans-Orange CHIelement with Flame printing on it.
    The Phoenix Tribe are the only animals to be based off of a mythical creature and not a real animal. The introduction of the Phoenix may go more into that CHI came from Chinese mythology and the ph...
    This theme is similar to Fabulandin the case that both themes feature anthropomorphic animals. However, the similarities end there.
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  6. Eagle Tribe | LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Eagle_Tribe
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    The Eagle Tribe has a ruling council, rather than royalty, as with the Lion Tribe. This is suggested from Ewald's bio on It calls him the leader of the Eagles Ruling Council.

    The Eagle Tribe is settled in a large, tall mountain that has an Eagle's head and wings, with multiple buildings and landing pads built on and inside it.

    Black Eagles

    The wisest of the wise, the black eagles are a group of Eagles who only made an appearance in Legend of Chima Online. The only known member is Ehboni. The black eagles are believed deceased, due to the fact that they considered wisdom so important that they neglected to eat or drink, thus most of them starved to death.

    Eris' Eagle Interceptor

    A flying vehicle, driven by Eris and the other Eagles. This is easily the most common vehicle in the TV Series.

    Eglor's Twin Bike

    An Eagle motorcycle built by Eglor. In the TV Series, it is piloted by either Ewaldor Eris.

    Equila's Ultra Striker

    A tank vehicle that can fly and has an escape pod. Its wings can fold up and down. It is driven by Equila or, in the TV Series, by Eglor.

  7. Li'Ella | LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Li&
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    The adopted daughter of Tormak, Li-Ella is a member of the guards who watch over the hidden city of the Phoenix. She is tough and smart and more than able to take care of herself. But her world gets turned upside down when she meets Laval and discovers that there are lions living someplace besides the hidden city, and some of them are cute. What neither she nor Laval knows is that the evil Sir Fangaris also interested in Li’Ella and wants her to be his queen when he conquers Chima. Laval, Li’Ella and Fangar are heading for a showdown …

    Li'ella was first seen after the Blazing Phoenix Bastion landed on Crescent Hill. She caught Laval's attention, but to a lesser extent, Tormak's as well, and he knocked the Lion down onto his back. The Lioness told her father to stop, Fluminoxsaying they are here to protect. Tormak told him he was simply protecting Li'ella, in this case from Laval, who she laughed at. Laval later thanked her personally for saving the heroes and making him feel 'hopeful'. She herself felt hopeful as well, and...

    Li'ella and Laval have a mutual crush on each other.
    Li'Ella was found in the tunnels, abandoned as a young, possibly newborn cub. It is unknown how she wound up there and who her birth parents were/are.
    In Wings of Fire, Li'Ella may have some connection to Tormak. Whenever Tormak feels pain, Li'Ella will feel pain too.
  8. Eris | LEGO Legends of Chima Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Eris
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    While many Eagle Tribe members can be a bit “airheaded,” Eris is always extremely focused and quick-witted, which is probably why she spends more time with the earth-bound creatures (like Laval) than those who live in the clouds. She loves adventures and puzzles and can spin a yarn like no other creature. She is also an extremely strategic fighter. What she lacks in strength she makes up for with smarts. You have to fight Eris with both your body AND your mind because she always has a trick or two up her wings. She’s never mean-spirited... unless provoked. Typically, she’s the first to lend a hand, and the last to leave a friend in need. You can always count on Eris. Just don’t let her corner you and tell you jokes – a lot of them aren't as funny as she thinks they are.

    Best Friend (s): Laval, Gorzan, Bladvic In 2014: Cragger, Worriz, and Razar
    Fighting Style:Feigned retreat
    Hobbies:Telling jokes and stories, reading.

    Eris is a white feathered female eagle, making her and Elidathe only canon females in the tribe who are seen and/or named. She has distinguishable light blue feathers and markings on her head, torso, and legs. Eris's eyes are a yellow hue, as is her beak. Like all eagles, she has a pair of wings at her back and talons on her feet. Like the other heroes of Chima, Eris's clothing has varied, in this case, rather drastically, over the three waves of the theme. During the first season of the TV show, Eris was clad in gold armor, consisting of a small crown, a chestplate, chainmail shorts, and two kneepads. Her clothing was adorned with strips of blue fabric. Two long chainmail extensions hang from her breastplate for extra protection. Later, during the Outlands journey, Eris wears little attire, which is now a much smaller grey breastplate with the typical Chi holder in the center. What seems to be a smaller set of chainmail slightly protects her stomach. An eagle themed bikini bottom,...

    In the set 70003 Eris' Eagle Interceptor and 70009 Worriz's Combat Lair, she is seen with her golden armor on her body, but in most of the TV series and most promotional material, she is seen with...
    There is speculation that Equila is Eris' brother, and that Ewald, the leader of the Eagles' Council, is their father, making Equilaa prince, and Eris a princess.
    Eris is a good friend of Laval, as seen in Legends of Chima (Comic Series)Issue #1. She will always help out if Laval is in trouble.
    Eris was a fangirl to Dom de la Whoosh before the end of The Biggest Race Ever.
  9. LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey Character Unlock Guide ... › 2013/07/03 › lego-legends-of-chima

    Jul 03, 2013 · There are approximately 60 playable characters in LEGO: Legends of Chima that you can unlock and play with. Each character belongs one of nine tribes, and each tribe has their own unique playstyle.

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