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  3. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace - Wikipedia › wiki › Superman_IV:_The_Quest_for

    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is a 1987 superhero film directed by Sidney J. Furie and written by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal from a story by Christopher Reeve, Konner, and Rosenthal based on the DC Comics character Superman. The film stars Reeve, Gene Hackman, Jackie Cooper, Marc McClure, Jon Cryer, Sam Wanamaker, Jim Broadbent, Mariel Hemingway, and Margot Kidder. It is the fifth installment in the Superman film series and a sequel to Superman III. It is the first film in the series

  4. second unit director Mike Higgins ... first assistant director: second unit (as Michael Higgins) David Lane ... flying unit director / second unit director Paul Lowin ... second assistant director Gino Marotta ... first assistant director Christopher Reeve ... second unit director Ken Shane ...

  5. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace | Warner Bros. Entertainment ... › wiki › Superman_IV:_The
    • Plot
    • Cast
    • Production
    • Critical Response
    • Deleted Footage
    • Ownership and Rights
    • Special Powers

    Superman saves a spaceship of cosmonauts whose ship was thrown off course by debris, then visits his home-town of Smallvilleas Clark. Now that his adoptive parents have died, Clark has inherited their now-unattended farm. In an empty barn, he uncovers the capsule that brought him to Earth, and removes a luminescent green Kryptonian energy module. A recording left by his mother Lara states that its power can be used only once. Unwilling to sell the farm to a mall developer, Superman returns to Metropolis, where he stops a runaway Subway Train after the conductor collapses at the Controls. After returning to the Daily Planet, Clark learns that the newspaper went bankrupt and has been taken over by David Warfield, a tabloid tycoon who fires Perry White and hires his own daughter Lacy as the new editor. Lacy takes a liking to Clark and tries to seduce him. Clark agrees to go on a date with her. Following the news that the United States and the Soviet Union may engage in nuclear war, Cla...

    Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent / Superman
    Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor / voice of Nuclear Man
    Jackie Cooper as Perry White
    Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen

    In 1983, following the mixed reaction to Superman III, which nonetheless made $60 million at the box office, Reeve and the producers, a father and son team Alexander and Ilya Salkind, assumed that the Superman films had run their course. Reeve was slated to make a cameo in 1984's Supergirl but was unavailable; that film (technically the fourth in the series) was a box office failure in the U.S. but successful in other territories. Four years later, Ilya Salkind sold the Superman franchise to Golan & Globus of Cannon Films. According to Reeve, Golan & Globus did not have a script in mind when they first approached him about doing the fourth installment; they simply wanted him to reprise his role. Reeve himself admitted in his autobiography Still Me that he really wasn't sure that he wanted to do another Superman film, especially if it were going to be treated as a farce, which had been the case with the third film, an approach that Reeve felt was disrespectful to fans and the source...

    The movie was not well received by either the general public or movie critics. Some critics considered the film to be one of the worst of its year. The movie suffered from poor sound and visual effects, believed to be caused by Cannon using much of the film's intended budget on their other projects. Reportedly, Warner Bros. gave Cannon approximately $40 million to produce Superman IV but in the end, Cannon used only $17 million for Superman IV. Most feel that the first movie had superior effects when compared to the fourth film, despite being nine years old at that point. Of the four Superman films starring Reeve, this one fared the worst at the box office, and the series, as it turned out, went dormant for 19 years. Reeve himself admitted that both this and the third installment were very poor and did not live up to the potential that had been established by the first two films, and his 1995 paralysis made the development of any further sequels involving him in the starring role im...

    According to writer Mark Rosenthal's commentary on Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Deluxe Edition DVD released in November 2006, and the gallery of deleted scenes included on the disc, there are approximately 45 minutes of the film that have not been seen by the public after they were deleted following a failed Southern California test screening. In fact, the Nuclear Man that appears in the film is actually the second Nuclear Man Luthor created. Cut scenes featured the original Nuclear Man engaging Superman in battle outside the Metro Club and being destroyed by the Man of Steel. The first Nuclear Man was somewhat more inhuman-looking than his successor, and resembled vaguely in looks, and significantly in personality, the comic book character Bizarro. Luthor postulates that this Nuclear Man was not strong enough, and hatches the plan to create the second Nuclear Man inside the sun as a result. The comic book adaptation of the film, as well as the novelization, depicts these scenes...

    As a result of prior contracts, different entities own different components of Superman IV. Warner Bros. co-produced the film and handled North American theatrical distribution, while Cannon Films handled distribution outside North America. Due to legal snags, the film was not issued on DVD for many years until WB bought back key rights to the film, thus allowing it to be released on DVD in the U.S. in 2001. The international DVD rights were not settled until 2005 and WB has since released IV outside the U.S. on home video. WB also handled worldwide distribution of IV when it was reissued in late 2006 as part of the 14-disc Ultimate Superman Collection box set. CBS Paramount Domestic Television (owners of the television rights to Cannon's library, and successor company to Viacom Enterprises) formerly held television rights to the film. However, Warner Bros. Television Distribution--since it and ION Media Networks announced a deal on June 27, 2006 that provided the rights to broadcas...

    This film gives the Man of Steel powers with which he had never before been portrayed. Among these, after the Nuclear Man destroys part of the Great Wall of China, Superman restores the wall by gazing at it, causing the wall to rebuild itself, apparently by use of telekinesis, a power never ascribed to Superman in the comics. A contemporary film critic jokingly referred to this new power as "masonry vision." He uses the same ability during the street battle with Nuclear Man when he lowers several men (who are floating in the air thanks to Nuclear Man) to the ground just by looking at them.

  6. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace | Filmpedia, the Films Wiki ... › wiki › Superman_IV:

    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is a 1987 American superhero\action-adventure\sci-fi film directed by Sidney J. Furie which was released on July 24, 1987 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

  7. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987), a film by Sidney J ... › superman-iv-the-quest-for-peace

    Released in the USA on July 24 of 1987, "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" (also known as "Superman IV - Die Welt am Abgrund") is an Action/Adventure/Science Fiction film directed by Sidney J. Furie, and written by Lawrence Konner (screenplay) , starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Jackie Cooper, Marc McClure, Jon Cryer and Sam Wanamaker.

  8. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) - Trivia - IMDb › title › tt0094074

    An unofficial 5th film Superman Returns (2006), which ignores "Superman III" and "Superman IV", was released in 2006, 2-years after the death of Christopher Reeve. Brandon Routh replaced Christopher Reeve as Superman/Clark Kent, Kate Bosworth took over the role of Lois Lane from Margot Kidder and Kevin Spacey succeeded Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor.

  9. 10 remarkable things about Superman IV: The Quest For Peace ... › movies › 10-remarkable-things

    Nov 15, 2012 · 10 remarkable things about Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. A flop in 1987, Superman IV is one of the most maligned sequels ever made. There are, however, lots of interesting things about it ...

  10. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace’ review by Darren • Letterboxd › superman-iv-the-quest-for-peace

    Instead, The Quest for Peace feels like a consent retread of familiar set pieces that were executed better in the previous films. A nuclear weapon launched into space unleashes a monstrous enemy, like Superman II. Superman fights an evil copy of himself, like Superman III. Lex breaks out of prison in a comedic and elaborate plan, like Superman II.

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