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    • Why Should I Visit Hanoi

      • Escaping the Bubble. Hanoi is not off the grid. ...
      • Getting Around. You’re going to have to learn to cross the street. ...
      • Sights. Hanoi has an incredible diversity of sights within the city, and the surrounding region goes even further.
      • Eating. We made it through all that boring stuff. ...
      • Get yourself to Hanoi. Hanoi is the future. ...
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  2. 9 Reasons Why You Must Visit Hanoi | i Tour Vietnam Blogs › blog › 9-reasons-why-you-must
    • Favorable Weather. Even though Vietnam is a tropical country with the signature dry season and rainy season, Hanoi has all four distinctive seasons and each time can offer such unique experiences.
    • Irresistible Food. A wise man once said you could never leave Vietnam without embarking on a food adventure, and the same rule applies to Hanoi where the local cuisine will keep you asking for more.
    • Fascinating Coffee Culture. Hanoian people have such a one-of-a-kind coffee culture that can hardly be found anywhere else. In contrast to the fancy Starbucks, sitting on a sidewalk and enjoying a cup of hot, creamy egg coffee in the chilly weather is truly what to live for.
    • Special Museums. A trip around Hanoi will surely enhance your knowledge of the cultural and historical understanding of Vietnam. The city boasts a wide variety of museums ranging from history to art so you can spend your time learning about the country’s immortal stories.
  3. Why Should I Visit Hanoi - Why Should I Visit? › why-should-i-visit-hanoi

    Nov 19, 2017 · You should visit Hanoi because Hanoi doesn’t care about you. It doesn’t care about your worries, your hopes, or your neurosis. But it’s not that Hanoi doesn’t like you. Hanoi is just too busy to worry about you. And for some of us, that’s deeply comforting. Hanoi is Southeast Asia, turned up to full volume.

  4. 5 reasons to visit Hanoi in your Vietnam tours - Asia Tour ... › 5-reasons-to-visit-hanoi

    Hanoi is the most ideal city in Vietnam to characterize the tropical monsoon climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. For travel lovers, the various weather conditions in four seasons make them more eager to visit Hanoi many times in a year because it is like in four different places.

  5. Twenty reasons to visit Hanoi - Traveller › twenty-reasons-to-visit
    • Motorbikes in the Old Quarter. The Hanoi traffic is an alarming introduction to the Vietnamese capital, though locals are acclimatised to the chaos. Visitors should be wary of hiring a motorbike straight off the plane - instead, jump on the back of a taxi bike for a thrilling tour through the Old Quarter and a crash-course in road rules (what rules?).
    • Propaganda art. Guns, women on tractors, Ho Chi Minh, the white lotus - whether you find it quaint or menacing, Vietnamese propaganda has a small but striking palette of iconography.
    • Museum of the Revolution. More propaganda can be found in the fascinating Museum of the Revolution on Tong Dan Street. Charting liberation movements from 1858 to 1945, there's next to no explanations accompanying anything.
    • Hoa Lo Prison. The infamous "Hanoi Hilton" - dubbed thus by American prisoners during the Vietnam War - was constructed by the French in 1896 over the top of Phu Khanh village.
  6. 5 Reasons to Visit Hanoi, Vietnam › 2014/04/09 › 5-reasons-to
    • It’s Affordable. If you’re a backpacker on a budget, a broke student, or a penny pinching wanderer, Vietnam is an ideal destination. Currently the exchange rate is 1 USD to 21,079 VND which means you become a multimillionaire at the exchange counter (yay to being rich!!).
    • The Food is Delicious. Vietnamese food is healthy, delicious, and vegetarian friendly. I’m not an advocate of colonialism, but it seems that when Vietnam kicked France out, they did so after keeping the best chocolate, pastry, and dessert recipes for themselves.
    • Cultural Monuments and Museums. Hanoi is full of impressive architecture, history, and charm. History buffs or even those with a casual interest will be fascinated by attractions such as the Ho Chi Minh Museum dedicated to telling Vietnam’s side of the War.
    • The People are Friendly and Helpful. In my experience, the Vietnamese people were almost always beaming smiles and willing to help any lost and weary traveler.
  7. 5 Reasons Why I Love Hanoi To Bits | Constant Traveller › reasons-to-visit-hanoi

    Capital cities are usually pricier than places inland. Hanoi is an exception to this rule as it’s the only major city with a robust hostel system that also offer some great deals to surrounding landmarks such as Sapa Valley and Ha Long Bay. You also get fresh beer for dirt cheap at one of the many bia hoi joints in the Old Quarter.

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