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    It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Nepal in a fair and accurate manner. About WikiProject Nepal Goals. Goals of this project are to provide improved coverage on subjects related to Nepal, by creating, expanding, and maintaining articles. Article coordination, organization and collaborations; Article creation, expansion and maintenance

  2. This WikiProject's subject is featured in the Outline of Nepal, which is incomplete and needs further development. That page, along with the other outlines on Wikipedia, comprise Wikipedia's Outline of knowledge, which also serves as the table of contents or site map of Wikipedia. Hem Raj BC

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    OSM would not be complete without Mt. Everest (and eight of the ten highest mountains of the world) mapped, so this page is all about adding to OSM in Nepal. There are missing roads around Butwal and Biratnagar. The feeder roads need to be done: Nepal/Feeder_Roads It would really be cool to start mapping trails that could be joined into new trekkin...

    To stay updated with all information and updates about the works being done, the progress being made while mapping, future plans, please join the mailing list: Mailing List to discuss anything related to mapping in Nepal

    Please see Nepal/Common tagsfor list of common tags applicable to Nepal and other Nepal specific tags.
    Please see Nepal/Roadsfor proposed road standards / conventions or guidelines for road categorization.
    Please see Nepal/Mapping Party Guidelinesfor proposed road standards / conventions or guidelines for road categorization.
    Please see Tagging Guidelines for OSM Nepal

    Cloudmade has an extract for Nepal dated 13 December 2011 available in the link Cloudmade. It contains .osm XML extract as well as other useful files (.img files for Garmin, .poly for a rough shape of nepal, ...) Temporary XML Extract (approx. 1,8MB, OSM data from 28.10.2010)(dead link) Geofabrik provides extracts for Nepal in various formats, see ...

    Mappers from Western countries (people who are remotely mapping) on the project should focus on the geometry development (Point, Line, Polygon) with highest possible spatial accuracy. People nearby or at Nepal (Local People) should Name the features and add other important attributes (tags) of the spatial data. Progress of geometry data as well as ...


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  4. The aim of this project is to organise and steer the production of articles relating to the country of Nepal, its cities, administrative divisions, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Nepal in a fair and accurate manner. About WikiProject Nepal Goals

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    Nepal is a landlocked country, which means it is not next to any ocean, and it is surrounded by India and China. Eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks in the world, including Mount Everest, are in Nepal. Mount Everest is on the border Nepal shares with China. Nepal is a little smaller than Illinois and Bangladesh, but a little bigger than Kyrgyzs...

    Nepal used to be an agricultural country until 1950. Since 1951 it entered the modern era and has made progress. Agriculture, however, is still a major economic activity. 80% of the people do agricultural works and it provides 37% of GDP. Only about 20% of the total area is cultivable while another 33% is covered by forest. Most of the remaining la...

    The people of Nepal belong to two main groups; Indo-Aryan group and Tibeto-Burman group. Indo-Aryans are mostly Hindus and they celebrate Hindu festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Maghe Sankranti, Krishna Janmastami, Holi, Janai Purnima, Matatirtha Aunsi, Chhath, etc. Tibeto-Burmans are Buddhist and they celebrate Lhosar, Buddha Jayanti, etc.

    Modern education in Nepal started with the opening of the first school in 1853. This school was only for the members of the ruling families and their courtiers. Schooling for the general people began only after 1951. It was when a popular movement ended the autocraticRana family regime and started a democratic system. In the past 50 years, there ha...

    Nepal has seven provinces. Each province has 8 to 14 districts. The districts have local units called municipalities.

    The official calendar of Nepal is the Vikram Samvat, which is a Hindu calendar. Their new year begins in Baishakh, which is around mid-April. Nepal has 36 public holidaysin the year. This makes Nepal the country with the most public holidays. The national cuisine of Nepal is Dhindo and Gundruk. Dhindo is a type of dough that is served very hot. Gun...

    The national symbols of Nepal, according to the Interim Constitution, are: 1. Animal: (Cow) 2. Bird: (Lophophorus) 3. Flower: (Rhododendron arboreum)

    King Prithvi Narayan Shahof Gorkha invaded the Kathmandu Valley in 1786 and unified Nepal. Before the unification, Nepal was ruled by various Kirats, Lichchavis, Thakuris and Mallas. The history mentioned that Kirats ruled Nepal during the 7th century BC. Though much was not known about Kirats, the Lichchavi dynasty ruled after them. Lichchavi rule...

    Glacial Lakes and Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in Nepal. - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Kathmandu, March 2011 Archived 2011-09-01 at the Wayback Machine

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