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    • 1. move or run somewhere suddenly or rapidly: "she darted across the street"

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  2. Sass: Dart Sass › dart-sass

    Dart Sass's stand-alone command-line executable uses the blazing-fast Dart VM to compile your stylesheets. To install Dart Sass on the command line, check out the installation instructions. Once you've got it running, you can use it compile files: sass source /index.scss css/index.css

  3. Throw | Definition of Throw at › browse › throw

    Throw definition, to propel or cast in any way, especially to project or propel from the hand by a sudden forward motion or straightening of the arm and wrist: to throw a ball.

  4. android studio - Dart SDK is not configured - Stack Overflow › questions › 48650831

    Feb 07, 2018 · In my case Dart also installed separately for dart development with latest. So when IntelliJ suggest me to configure dart, I hit it and then it pointed to C:/tools/dart that was the case. So, I had to go to File->Settings->Language & Framework->dart and add the SDK path to my Flutter sdk path with Dart SDK C:\flutter\bin\cache\dart-sdk.

  5. flutter - converting string to map in dart - Stack Overflow › questions › 49651673

    Apr 04, 2018 · Browse other questions tagged dart flutter or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 361: Why startups should use Kubernetes from day one

  6. SAP MM- How to Define Purchase Organization in SAP › sap-mm › define-purchase

    SAP MM- How to Define Purchase Organization in SAP Purchase Organization is the highest level of organizational unit in SAP MM, it is responsible for procurement of materials and services from an external vendor or internal plant.

  7. Define Open and Close Posting Periods Variant in SAP › sap-fico › define-open-and

    How to define open and close posting periods in SAP This is one of the important job in real time and only authorised persons are allowed to control open and close posting periods in SAP. This is a manager level job and only authorised consultant allowed to perform open and close periods.

  8. Grimace Definition & Meaning | › browse › grimacing

    Grimace definition, a facial expression, often ugly or contorted, that indicates disapproval, pain, etc. See more.

  9. Define Your Own True Maine Across 100 miles as the crow flies from Bar Harbor and Acadia to the banks of the St. Croix River and its Canadian gateway, explore an unbelievable 2,330 miles of coastline.

  10. Announcing Dart 2.13. New type aliases language feature… | by ... › dartlang › announcing-dart-2-13-c6d547b

    May 19, 2021 · Dart 2.13 includes a number of changes that significantly reduce the space occupied by program metadata when --split-debug-info is used. Take as an example the Flutter Gallery app. Take as an ...

  11. Supported platforms - Flutter › docs › development

    How we define a supported platform. As of Flutter 1.20, we define three tiers of support for the platforms on which Flutter runs: Supported Google-tested platforms, which are platforms the Flutter team at Google tests in continuous integration at every commit.

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