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  1. Is New Jersey considered a peninsula? - Quora

    Thanks for the A2A Cory Haluska (Cory Haluska). Before I answer this question, lets take a look at the definition of a peninsula: [1] > : a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected with a larger body by an isthmus also : a piece of...

  2. Why isn't New Jersey considered a New England state? - Quora

    Geographically it really doesn’t make any sense to consider New Jersey a part of New England. It’s solidly in the “New York Metropolitan area” (New York metropolitan area) and the region is colloquially referred to as the “tri-state area” within NY/NJ/CT. New York City is some 200+ miles closer to North Jersey than Boston and Philadelphia is 200 mi+ closer to Southern Jersey than Boston so considering any part of NJ in New England is a non-starter.

  3. What is the state new jersey known for? - Quora

    A better phrased questions would be what isn’t it know for? New Jersey has it all! Beaches, Mountains, Farmland, Suburbs, Meadowlands, Cities, Harbors, Trains, Airports, Colonial history, scientific inventors, racetracks and Atlantic City.

  4. Is New Jersey a part of New York? - Quora

    Edit on 10/25/2019: The Quora merging bot is at it again. The old answer does not match the new question. New Question: Will Jersey City become part of New York City?

  5. Why aren't the New York state and the state of New Jersey ...

    Relatively few people have left. I live in NYC and much of my family lives in NYC and NJ and none of us know anyone who has left. And nobody I know even knows anybody who left in either state.

  6. What areas in the USA are called 'tri-state'? - Quora

    The NYC metro area is called “the tri-state area.” It turns out there are other similarly named areas. A list is available here: Tri-state area - Wikipedia

  7. What do people from other states tend to think about New ...

    Well, when I tell people that I’m from New Jersey a lot of them make jokes about the show Jersey Shore. Most of them don’t actually mean it and know that the show is a joke (at least I hope!).

  8. Why do you enjoy living in New Jersey? - Quora

    I love the proximity to New York City, with all the amazing things it has to offer. Just yesterday my wife and I saw a beautifully restored 1946 film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, A Matter Of Life and Death at the Film Forum.

  9. Why is New Jersey the only US state to still force people to ...

    Part of it is codified in state law passed in 1949. The other reason is financial interests pressing the state legislature to ban self-service. As this article from explains, > Because of the fire hazards directly associated with di...

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