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  1. Why is the House of Representatives looking to pass ... › Why-is-the-House-of

    First, the Democrsts can't have control of the Supreme Court. There are too many justices who have been appointed by the Republicans, and all SCOTUS members are appointed for life.

  2. Would you favor statehood for the United States Virgin ... › Would-you-favor-statehood-for-the

    I’m all for getting more States into the Union. I am also for Splitting up certain overly representative states into smaller entities to break up monolithic static voting blocs that disproportionately represent just a certain region of their terri...

  3. How would the US political scene change if all the 16 US ... › How-would-the-US-political-scene

    Nov 29, 2020 · The U.S. only has 5 permanently occupied territories. The others are unoccupied or only occupied by transient occupants such as having military bases, but no residences.

  4. Why are Indian reservations part of states, rather than US ... › Why-are-Indian-reservations-part

    I don't think they are part of states. The states have no jurisdiction over reservations. They have what's called tribal sovereignty. They're under the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

  5. What is the difference between a state and a territory? - Quora › What-is-the-difference-between-a

    The difference between a state and a territory is this: A state has a population large enough to create a tax base to sustain the infrastructure (transport, electric power, education, etc.)

  6. If the United States owns the Virgin Islands, then why aren’t ... › If-the-United-States-owns-the

    The US Virgin Islands are an unincorporated organized territory of the United States. It’s citizens are US Citizens. They are unable to vote for President of the US but they do send delegates to the connections of the political parties, where they...

  7. If Puerto Rico becomes a state, would it be advantageous for ... › If-Puerto-Rico-becomes-a-state

    > If Puerto Rico becomes a state, would it be advantageous for the US Virgin Islands to unify with it? You’d be forgiven for thinking that the the two territories would benefit, even be eager, to combine together.

  8. Why is Northern Territory not a state? - Quora › Why-is-Northern-Territory-not-a-state

    Probably the biggest reason N.T. wont become a state soon is that federal politicians are fearful of The N.T. economy not being in their control and being in the control of a relatively small number of people. At the moment the federal government rapes the mineral wealth of W.A. and under a true federal system that benefit should go to W.A.

  9. Why does the US Virgin Islands drive on the left despite it ... › Why-does-the-US-Virgin-Islands

    A purely local USVI custom. Traffic laws in the US are a strictly state-territorial-local concern not a national one. There is no Federal law mandating which side of the road people should drive on, like there are a whole host of Federal laws on e...

  10. Would you favor statehood for American Samoa, and why or why ... › Would-you-favor-statehood-for

    Sure, if that’s what the people of American Samoa actually want. Most arguments about this online strongly favour statehood, and express outrage that American Samoa is not a state already.