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  1. HMS Royal Arthur was a first class cruiser of the Edgar class, previously named Centaur, but renamed in 1890 prior to launching.She served on the Australia Station and briefly on the North America and West Indies Station before returning to the Home Fleet in 1906.

  2. The March 14, 1891, New Orleans lynchings were the murders of 11 Italian Americans and immigrants in New Orleans, Louisiana, by a mob for their alleged role in the murder of police chief David Hennessy after some of them had been acquitted at trial. It was the largest single mass lynching in American history.

  3. Baudouin est le fils aîné du prince Philippe, comte de Flandre, et de Marie de Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.Privé d'héritier à la troisième génération de la récente dynastie belge par la mort prématurée de son fils Léopold de Belgique (1859-1869) [W 1], le roi Léopold II attend impatiemment la délivrance de sa belle-sœur, la comtesse de Flandre, et espère ardemment qu'elle donne le ...

  4. The 1891–92 Football League was the fourth season of English league football, and the last season of the football league running in a single division. Sunderland were the winners of the league which was their first ever league success. At the beginning of the season Stoke had left the Football Alliance and rejoined the Football League.

  5. 1891: 5 April Language spoken (in Wales). Whether an employer, an employee, or neither. Number of rooms occupied, if fewer than 5. 1901: 31 March Number of rooms in dwelling. Whether an employer, worker or working on one's own account. Whether working at home or not. Language spoken (in Wales – children under 3 years of age excluded). 1911

  6. 現在ペアノの公理系として知られる形のものが発表されたのは 1891年の「数の概念について」である。 この論文の中でペアノは次の 5 項目を自然数の満たすべき原始命題として与え、さらにこれら 5 つの命題が互いに独立であることを証明した。

  7. Chelsea and Battersea in 1891, showing (left to right) Old Battersea Bridge, Albert Bridge, Victoria (now Chelsea) Bridge and Grosvenor Railway Bridge. The Red House Inn was an isolated inn on the south bank of the River Thames in the marshlands by Battersea fields, about one mile (1.6 km) east of the developed street of the prosperous farming ...

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