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  1. This is a timeline of the 19th century . Napoleon 's retreat from Russia in 1812. The war swings decisively against the French Empire. Stephenson's Rocket, preserved in the Science Museum, London. William Wilberforce (1759–1833), politician and philanthropist who was a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. 1800s [ edit]

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    Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the First French Empire. The 19th ( nineteenth) century began on 1 January 1801 ( MDCCCI ), and ended on 31 December 1899 ( MDCCCXCIX ). The 19th century was the ninth century of the 2nd millennium . The 19th century was characterized by vast social upheaval. Slavery was abolished in much of Europe and the Americas.

  3. The 19th century in the United States refers to the period in the United States from 1801 through 1900 in the Gregorian calendar. For information on this period, see: Category:19th century in the United States. History of the United States series: History of the United States (1789–1849)

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    John Tenniel (February 28, 1820 - February 25, 1914) - the creators of Gary Manfield, first appearance on January 1, 1841.
    Mark Twain (November 30, 1835 - April 21, 1910) - the creators of Rosie the Mouse, first appearance on January 1, 1855.
    Thomas Edison (February 11, 1847 - October 18, 1931) - the creators of Chowder, first appearance on January 1, 1878.
    1830: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saintsis established on 6 April 1830.
    1844: Persian Prophet the Báb announces his revelation on 23 May, founding Bábism. He announced to the world of the coming of "He whom God shall make manifest". He is considered the forerunner of B...
    1848: The Christadelphians founded by John Thomas (Christadelphian).
    1871–1878: In Germany, Otto von Bismarck challenged the Catholic Church in the Kulturkampf("Culture War")
    1808: Beethoven composes Fifth Symphony
    1812: Brothers Grimm fairy tale edition writes his Snow White.
    1812: Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm - two characters including Snow White and Cinderellameet for the first time.
    1813: Jane Austen publishes Pride and Prejudice
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    The United States of America had 22 presidents in the 19th Century. Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He was the first elected president of the 19th century. The last one was William McKinley.McKinley started the presidency in 1897 and he left his presidency in 1901 which is just after the 19th century. All these presid...

    The transition from an agricultural to an industrial economy took more than a century in the United States, they lagged far behind their mother country, England. The Industrial Revolution started around 1750 in England, and fifty years later in the United States. This was because there was a lot of land to work on, but there was too less labour to ...

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