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  1. ABC TV (Australian TV network) - Wikipedia › wiki › ABC_TV_(Australian_TV_network)

    ABC TV, formerly known as The ABC National Television Service or ABC Television from 1956 until 2008, and as ABC1 from 2008 until 2014, is a national public television network in Australia. Launched on 5 November 1956 it is the responsibility of the ABC 's television division , and is available nationally.

  2. ABC Television - Wikipedia › wiki › ABC_Television

    ABC Television is the national television network of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation launched in 1956. As a public broadcaster, the ABC provides four non-commercial channels within Australia, and ABC Australia, an advertiser-supported satellite channel partially funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

  3. ABC News (Australian TV channel) - Wikipedia › wiki › ABC_News_(Australian_TV
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    ABC News is an Australian 24-hour news channel launched and owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The channel replaced the former ABC HD channel and commenced broadcasting as ABC News 24 at 7:30 pm on Thursday, 22 July 2010. The majority of the channel's content is produced from the station ABN, in Ultimo, Sydney which the public can view being presented from an atrium looking into the news presentation studio. ABC's breakfast television programme, News Breakfast, Afternoon Briefing

    The ABC announced in January 2010 that it planned to launch a 24-hour news channel. The logo of ABC News 24 was revealed by Freeview in their new promotion on Tuesday 22 June. The official promotional reel for the channel was launched on digital channel 24 between 6 and 8 July. Speculation about a launch date for the channel took place in the weeks prior to the official announcement. The Daily Telegraph claimed in early July that the channel would be delayed due to technical issues at the ABC's

    Since the commencement of regular broadcasting, the reaction to the new news channel has been mixed. A particular concern has been the pressure placed upon the budget and operations of both the news division of the ABC, as well as the broadcaster as a whole, owing to the decision to launch the channel without additional Government funding, as was the case with the recent launch of the children's channel ABC3. In Senate Estimates hearings in February 2012 the broadcaster confirmed a $2.5 million

    ABC News programming consists of a mix of live news bulletins, timeshifted repeats of existing ABC News and Current Affairs output, live broadcasts from events, documentaries and factual and arts programming. These draw upon the ABC's own resources and those of its partner broadcasters, the BBC, SABC, TVNZ, PBS, NHK, and Al Jazeera English. On weekdays, throughout most of the day, straight news programming is presented from one of the studios in Ultimo. At 7pm, the channel features the topical d

    Along with other rolling news channels, the ABC News channel has been criticised for launching into rolling news coverage for "breaking news" where little new information supports such coverage, and just repeating limited information and footage about an event. Conversely, the ABC News channel has also been criticised for not turning to rolling coverage.

    The ABC News channel can be streamed online at the ABC's website and on YouTube. However, the YouTube stream is made available internationally except for the stream in iView where it is only available in Australia only, and unlike other programming on iView, it is not currently offered as unmetered content by any internet service providers. The ABC News channel stream is available in medium and high bandwidth varieties on the iView site.

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  4. ABC HD (Australian TV channel) - Wikipedia › wiki › ABC_HD_(Australian_TV_channel)
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    ABC HD is an Australian free-to-air public television channel. Following the government's decision to remove the SD Primary Channel limitations, the channel returned as an HD simulcast on channel 20 on 6 December 2016. On 6 December 2016, when ABC HD was revived, ABC News's HD feed was removed and reduced to standard definition.

    Starting on 1 January 2002, the ABC began a prime-time simulcast of ABC's Sydney station ABN, except that it had no watermark and was upconverted from standard definition to 1080i high definition. On 1 January 2005 it was changed to 576p to accommodate the launch of new channel A

    On 1 January 2008, the ABC's high definition simulcast was rebranded as ABC HD, relaunching as a high definition multichannel with its own logo and branding. The channel was also enhanced to 720p to mark the start of native high-definition content. Throughout its multichannel era

    Following the government's decision to remove SD primary channel limitations, ABC Director of Television Richard Finlayson announced in November 2015 that the ABC would recommence simulcasting in high definition in June 2016. However, the launch date was later pushed back to an i

    ABC HD was available exclusively in 720p high definition from the network's eight states stations ABC Australian Capital Territory, ABD Northern Territory, ABN New South Wales, ABQ Queensland, ABS South Australia, ABT Tasmania, ABV Victoria, ABW Western Australia.

    Upon its revival on 6 December 2016, ABC HD returned to 1080i50 high definition, but it broadcast in MPEG-4 format as opposed to the standard MPEG-2 format. ABC HD covered all ABC-owned state stations. ABC HD is available to Foxtel cable subscribers via its HD+ package.

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  6. ABC Australia (Southeast Asian TV channel) - Wikipedia › wiki › ABC_Asia_Pacific
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    ABC Australia is an Australian pay television channel, launched in 1993 and operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The channel broadcasts a mix of programming, including lifestyle, drama, sports, English-language learning programs, children's programming and news and current affairs to viewers across East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands. It is partially funded by Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as well as some advertising. It

    Australia Television International was launched on 17 February 1993. It was originally a part of the so-called "Gang of Five", which was a consortium that was set up to compete against Star TV in the region. The consortium's channels were initially transmitted via Palapa satellit

    Despite efforts made by Seven to expand into Asia using the service, it continued to lose money. In 2002, the government announced a five-year, $50 million tender for the service – at the time watched primarily by Australian expats for its news programmes, football ...

    ABC Asia Pacific changed its name to Australia Network on 7 August 2006, at the same time introducing a number of new programs, as well as the expansion of its existing news programs and English-language learning programs. Following a restructure of the ABC in early 2007, Austral

    In addition to those listed below, the now rebadged ABC Australia shows a range of programming targeted at audiences within the region, including evening news bulletins at two-hour intervals targeted at different parts of the region, and a number of English-language educational programs produced by the Network including Study English, Living English, English Bites and The Business of English. Drama series shown include Home and Away, Offspring, Packed to the Rafters, Rake, The Doctor Blake Myste

  7. Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Wikipedia › wiki › Australian_Broadcasting

    ABC TV Plus (originally ABC2), launched in 2005, shows comedic content in addition to some repeats from ABC TV of which the amount has decreased gradually since ABC TV Plus's inception. It is not a 24-hour channel, but is broadcast daily from 7 pm to around 3 am the following night.

  8. List of digital television channels in Australia - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_digital_television

    Youth focused sister channels. ABC Kids aired 6am to 6pm, Fly TV aired 6pm to 6am. Axed due to budget cuts. Replaced by ABC2 in 2005 (now ABC TV Plus on LCN 22). Fly TV: 1 Nov 2001 SBS Essential: 31 14 Oct 2002 25 Jan 2007 Program guide channel. Ten Guide: 11 1 Jul 2004 20 Nov 2007 Program guide channel. Replaced by Ten SD2. ABC Guide: 20 30 ...

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  9. ABC Kids (Australia) - Wikipedia › wiki › ABC_Kids_(Australia)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ABC Kids is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 's part-time channel, broadcasting shows between the hours of 5 am and 7:30 pm for children 3 and under in each local Australian channel.

  10. Australia's national broadcaster. Complete ABC TV guide, Catch-up TV, download or subscribe. TV program websites. Connect and join the ABC TV online community.

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