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    2005 ( MMV) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2005th year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 5th year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, and the 6th year of the 2000s decade. 2005 was designated as the International Year for Sport and Physical Education and the ...

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    1. January 3 – Flash Airlines Flight 604, a Boeing 737, crashes into the Red Sea off Egypt, killing 148 people. 2. January 9 - 2.1. The same storm which pounded the United States earlier in the month hits England and Scandinavia. At least 13 are dead among hurricane force winds and the worst floodingin northwest England in 40 years. 2.2. Mahmoud Abbas is elected to succeed Yasser Arafat as Palestinian Authority president in the Palestinian election. 3. January 12 – Deep Impact (space mission)...


    1. March 28 – A strong Earthquake strikes off the coast of Sumatra.


    1. April 2 – Pope John Paul IIdies. 2. April 6 – Prince Rainier III of Monaco dies aged 81. He is succeeded by his son, Albert II of Monaco. 3. April 8 – Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles. 4. April 19 – Cardinal Joseph Alois Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI.

    January 4 – Dafne Keen, Actress
    January 11 – Roksana Węgiel, The winner of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018
    February 19 — Alma Deutscher, Violinist and pianist
    February 26 — Marcel Moswitzer, Footballer and midfielder for FC Liefering


    1. January 12 – Amrish Puri, Indian actor (b. 1932) 2. January 17 – Zhao Ziyang, Premier of the People's Republic of China (b. 1919) 3. January 23 – Johnny Carson, American actor, comedian and writer (b. 1925)


    1. February 2 – Max Schmeling, German boxer (b. 1905) 2. February 10 – Arthur Miller, American playwright (b. 1915) 3. February 18 - Bonar Bain, Canadian actor (b. 1923) 4. February 20 – Hunter S. Thompson, American writer (b. 1937)


    1. March 3 – Rinus Michels, Dutch footballer (b. 1928) 2. March 6 – Hans Bethe, German-American nuclear physicist (b. 1906) 3. March 26 – James Callaghan, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1912) 4. March 29 – Mitch Hedberg, American comedian (b. 1968) 5. March 31 – Terri Schiavio, American patient in right-to-die case (b. 1963)

    Chemistry – Yves Chauvin
    Chemistry – Robert H. Grubbs
    Chemistry – Richard R. Schrock
    Economics – Robert J. Aumann
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    • VB11 Series
    • Y10/N14 Series
    • Y11 Series
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    In October 1982, the AD Van supplemented (and also gradually replaced) the commercial delivery vans based on Nissan's other vehicles. In 1983, the Nissan Cedric van was discontinued, as was the Nissan Gloria van. It originally came with four front doors and a liftback hatch in back. In July 1983 a two-door version was introduced, meaning that the e...

    The second-generation AD Van (sold as the Y10/N14 Wagon in Europe), introduced in October 1990, replaced the Nissan Sunny B13 series wagon, but with a different rear end compared to exported standard Sunny wagons. The vehicle continued as the AD Van, and as a private use (non-commercial) it was marketed as the Nissan Sunny California wagon (N14/Y10...

    The third series AD (Y11) began in May 1999, once again available only with a station wagon body, sold in the Japanese, New Zealand (badged as Pulsar) and Caribbean markets. It is mechanically related to the Nissan Sunny B15 seriesbut has a different exterior design. The interior design is shared with the Japanese market Nissan Sunny B15 as well. T...

    An all-new AD Van (Y12) debuted December 20, 2006, now using the Renault-Nissan B-platform. AD/Wingroad Y12 is almost the same car as the European/Japanese 2005-2013 Nissan Note E11 hatchback and Nissan Livinastation wagon (Asia). Models fully share body (except for the E11 Note's shorter rear), engines, transmission, suspension, etcetera, while di...

    • 1982–present
    • Nissan
  3. Antagonist A.D was formed in 2005 by vocalist Sam Crocker and bassist Joshua Moffitt as just Antagonist. They were inspired by fast American heavy metal hardcore bands such as Martyr A.D. and Until the End as well as European bands Arkangel and Maroon. They took the name from Maroon's debut album.

    • Sam Crocker, Matthew Livingstone, Luke Manson, Jai Morrow, Kevin Cameron
    • Metalcore
    • 2005–present
    • Auckland, New Zealand
  4. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is the foundation stone of every Windows domainnetwork. It stores information about members of the domain, including devices and users, verifies their credentialsand defines their access rights. The server running this service is called a domain controller.

  5. IEEE 802.1ad is an Ethernet networking standard. It is as an amendment to IEEE standard IEEE 802.1Q -1998 and was incorporated into the base 802.1Q standard in 2011. [1] The technique is also known as provider bridging and stacked VLANs and informally as QinQ .

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    April 22 – In a predawn raid, federal agents seize 6-year-old Elián González from his relatives' home in Miami and fly him to his Cuban father in Washington, D.C., ending one of the most publicized custody battles in U.S. history.

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