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    The term African American embraces pan-Africanism as earlier enunciated by prominent African thinkers such as Marcus Garvey, W. E. B. Du Bois, and George Padmore. The term Afro-Usonian, and variations of such, are more rarely used. Official identity

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  3. African-American history - Wikipedia

    African-American history is the part of American history that looks at the history of African Americans or Black Americans.. Of the 10.7 million Africans who were brought to the Americas by white Europeans until the 1880s, 450 thousand were shipped to what is now the United States.

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    African-American refers to a specific range of diverse cultures with a common thread of ethnic connection to Africa. This term was created to describe an ethnic/cultural link to Africa for people who are American, much as in the case of Italian Americans, Irish Americans, or Polish Americans.

  5. Wikipedia:African American - Wikipedia

    The term African American denotes a connection to African through American slave labor but softens the actual harsh and cruel transportation and treatment of Blacks. Many of the harshly treated and enslaved Blacks probably would not want to be meshed in with and called Americans because many Blacks were brought here against their will and enslaved.

  6. Lists of African Americans - Wikipedia

    This is a list of African Americans, also known as Black Americans or Afro-Americans.African Americans an ethnic group and citizens of the United States who have full or partial ancestry of any black racial groups of Africa; Black and African Americans form the third largest racial and ethnic group in the United States, behind White Americans and Hispanic and Latino Americans.

  7. African-American culture - Wikipedia

    African-American dance, like other aspects of African-American culture, finds its earliest roots in the dances of the hundreds of African ethnic groups that made up African slaves in the Americas as well as in the traditional folk dances of the British Isles. Dance in the African tradition, and thus in the tradition of slaves, was a part of ...

  8. African Americans - Wikipedia

    African Americans (alsae referred tae as Black Americans or Afro-Americans) are an ethnic group o Americans (ceetizens or residents o the Unitit States) wi tot or pairtial ancestry frae ony o the Black racial groups o Africae.

  9. Military history of African Americans - Wikipedia

    The military history of African Americans spans from the arrival of the first enslaved Africans during the colonial history of the United States to the present day. In every war fought by or within the United States, African Americans participated, including the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican–American War, the Civil War, the Spanish–American War, the World Wars, the Korean ...

  10. African Americans in Atlanta - Wikipedia

    The effects of African-American migration can be seen by the increase in Fulton County from 20.5% enslaved African Americans in 1860 to 45.7% colored (African-American) residents in 1870. [2] [ permanent dead link ] In a pattern seen across the South after the Civil War, freedmen often moved from plantations to towns or cities for work.

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