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    History. The American Record Company (commonly abbreviated as "ARCo") was founded by Ellsworth A. Hawthorne and Horace Sheble, formerly designers of accessories for Edison Records machines at their Philadelphia-based bicycle shop; in a previous venture, they had issued a small run of brown-wax cylinders in the mid-1890s.

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      The American Record Company was founded by Ellsworth A....

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      The label of the discs featured artwork depicting a Native...

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      Unlike most American producers of discs apart from Victor...

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      A listing of some of the artists that appeared on American...

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    Overview. During 1929 the American Record Corporation was established with the merger of three companies. These were the Cameo Record Corporation (which owned Cameo, Lincoln and Romeo Records), the Pathé Phonograph and Radio Corporation (which owned Actuelle, Pathé, and Perfect), and the Plaza Music Company (which owned Banner, Domino, Jewel, Oriole, and Regal).

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    The new birth certificate was obtained and the company name changed to "American Recordings". American had several sub-labels over the years, including Onion Records, Ill Labels, Wild West, Whte Lbls, and Infinite Zero. The latter was a partnership with Henry Rollins that specialized in reissues of obscure albums. None of these labels made the ...

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    American independent record labels‎ (44 C, 1,068 P) Defunct record labels of the United States ‎ (14 C, 414 P) Record labels based in Arizona ‎ (9 P)

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    The Record Company is a Grammy-nominated American rock band from Los Angeles. The members are Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocals), Alex Stiff (bass, backing vocals), and Marc Cazorla (drums, backing vocals). Their music is influenced by blues musicians like John Lee Hooker, early punk bands like The Stooges, and rock bands like The Rolling Stones ...

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    RCA Records (formerly legally traded as the RCA Records Label) is an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.It is one of Sony Music's four flagship labels, alongside RCA's former long-time rival Columbia Records; also Arista Records, and Epic Records.

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    Warner Music Group Corp. (WMG) is an American multinational entertainment and record label conglomerate headquartered in New York City.It is one of the "big three" recording companies and the third largest in the global music industry, after Universal Music Group (UMG) and Sony Music Entertainment (SME).

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    Lists of record labels cover record labels, brands or trademarks associated with marketing of music recordings and music videos.The lists are organized alphabetically, by genre, by company and by location.

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    In July 1929 Plaza merged with Cameo-Pathé and the Scranton Button Company to form the (ARC). The Pathe and Perfect labels were part of the merger that created the American Record Corporation (ARC) in July 1929. Crown was started by the Plaza Music Company after it was excluded from the merger which resulted in the American Record Corporation.

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    Aug 11, 2013 · The American Record Company was a United States record label, in business from about 1904 to 1908.Then re-activated in 1979. The American Record Company was founded by Ellsworth A. Hawthorne andHorace Sheble (formerly dealers for Edison Records who had been blacklisted for their questionable business methods) and Frederick M. Prescott.