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  1. The study of animals is called zoology . Animals may be listed or indexed by many criteria, including taxonomy, status as endangered species, their geographical location, and their portrayal and/or naming in human culture.

  2. In the English language, many animals have different names depending on whether they are male, female, young, domesticated, or in groups. The best-known source of many English words used for collective groupings of animals is The Book of Saint Albans , an essay on hunting published in 1486 and attributed to Juliana Berners . [1]

  3. Aug 3, 2023 · animal, (kingdom Animalia), any of a group of multicellular eukaryotic organisms (i.e., as distinct from bacteria, their deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, is contained in a membrane-bound nucleus). They are thought to have evolved independently from the unicellular eukaryotes.

  4. List of animal phyla is a list of the major groups of animals usually classified as a phylum. Modern sources have been used: the list is different from that of Linnaeus or Cuvier . A list of this type may be arranged alphabetically; equally it might be arranged according to evolutionary relationships.

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    A lion ( Panthera leo ). Lions are an example of Charismatic megafauna, a group of wildlife species that are especially popular in human culture. Wildlife refers to undomesticated animal species, but has come to include all organisms that grow or live wild in an area without being introduced by humans. [1]

  6. A male moose is called a , a female moose is called a cow, and a young moose is called a calf. A group of moose is called a herd. The plural form of moose is "moose”. [4] Moose live in northern Europe, Asia, and in North America. Moose usually live in areas with lakes, marshes and swamps.

  7. Thirty million dogs in the United States are registered as pets. [5] Dogs eat both meat and vegetables, often mixed together and sold in stores as dog food. Dogs often have jobs, including police dogs, army dogs, assistance dogs, fire dogs, messenger dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, or rescue dogs.

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