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    Ankara (/ ˈ æ ŋ k ər ə / ANK-ə-rə US also / ˈ ɑː ŋ-/ AHNK-ə-rə; Turkish: ()), historically known as Ancyra and Angora, is the capital of Turkey.Located in the central part of Anatolia, the city has a population of 4.5 million in its urban centre and over 5.6 million in Ankara Province, making it Turkey's second-largest city after Istanbul.

    • Turkish Angora

      The Turkish Angora (Turkish: Ankara kedisi, 'Ankara cat') is...

    • Kocatepe Mosque

      The Kocatepe Mosque (Turkish: Kocatepe Camii) is the largest...

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    Ankara is the capital city of the country of Turkey. It is in the center of Anatolia. Ankara is the second largest city after Istanbul. The city has a population of 4,319,167 (2005) (Province 5,153,000), and an elevation of 938 meters (3080 feet).

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    After Ankara became the capital of the newly founded Republic of Turkey, new development divided the city into an old section, called Ulus, and a new section, called Yenişehir. Ancient buildings reflecting Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman history and narrow winding streets mark the old section.

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    Ankara is the caipital o Turkey an the kintras's seicont mucklest city efter Istanbul. The city haes a mean elevation o 938 meters abuin sea level, wi varyin elevations frae 900 meters tae 1,300 meters abuin sea level. As o 2008 the city haed 4,500,000 fowk. Ankara forby is the caipital o Ankara Province.

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    Turkey (Turkish: Türkiye), officially the Republic of Turkey, is a country straddling Southeastern Europe and Western Asia.It shares borders with Greece and Bulgaria to the northwest; the Black Sea to the north; Georgia to the northeast; Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran to the east; Iraq to the southeast; Syria and the Mediterranean Sea to the south; and the Aegean Sea to the west.

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    Çankaya is a district of Ankara, Turkey. It is home to many government buildings, including the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, as well as nearly all foreign embassies to Turkey. Çankaya is a cosmopolitan district and considered the cultural and financial center of Ankara Çankaya District A view of Kızılay Square from the northwest, with the Emek Business Center. Location of Ankara Çankaya within Turkey. Çankaya Location of Ankara Çankaya within Turkey. Coordinates: 39°55′28...

    Until the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, Çankaya was a hillside of orchards and gardens to the south of the city, which had grown up in time, surrounding the Ankara Castle on the opposite hill. Everything changed in the 1920s when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to stay in one of the garden houses. Atatürk selected Ankara as capital of the new republic and in the 1920s and 30s the city quickly grew, especially in the direction of Çankaya. In 1934 the writer Yakup Kadri ...

    The early buildings of the republic were in grand Ottoman style, but today Çankaya also contains a number of impressive modern buildings. The district is home to a great number of museums, theatres, cinemas, cultural associations, booksellers, publishers and libraries, including the National Library in a new building. Many of the streets in the district are named after poets, writers and thinkers.

    There are 124 neighbourhoods in Çankaya as of 2017.

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    Ankara (cunoscută sub numele de Angora până în 1930, și Ancyra în perioada clasică) este capitala Turciei și al doilea cel mai mare oraș al țării, după Istanbul. Are o populație de 3.482.000 locuitori (2003). În același timp este capitala provinciei cu același nume.

    • 4.338.620 locuitori
    • 2.516 km²
    • 1.551 loc./km²
    • 938 m.d.m.
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    Ankara Esenboğa Airport is the international airport of Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It has been operating since 1955. In 2017, the airport has served more than 15 million passengers in total, 13 million of which were domestic passengers. It ranked 4th in terms of total passenger traffic, 3rd in terms of domestic passenger traffic among airports in Turkey.

    The airport is located northeast of Ankara, 28 km from the city center. The airport is connected with Kızılay and Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal by EGO city bus number 442. Transportation to the city center is also by taxi and through the Havaş bus line. The road between Esenboğa airport and the Ankara ring road was expanded during the summer of 2006, decreasing the driving time between the city center and the airport by several minutes. The name of the airport comes from the village of ...

    Esenboga Airport Domestic and International Terminal constructed under "Build-Operate-Transfer" model has been completed within a record time; a year earlier than the committed completion date. Esenboga Airport Domestic and International Terminal, which went into operation on October 16, 2006 with a capacity of 10 million passengers, are spread over a 182 thousand m2 area. A new general aviation terminal with 469 m2 area has been opened in January 2012 to service private and business jets. The N

  10. 2015 Ankara bombings - Wikipedia › wiki › 2015_Ankara_bombings

    On 10 October 2015 at 10:04 local time (EEST) in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, two bombs were detonated outside Ankara Central railway station. With a death toll of 109 civilians, the attack surpassed the 2013 Reyhanlı bombings as the deadliest terror attack in modern Turkish history. Another 500 people were injured.

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