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  1. Mar 29, 2020 · Release year: 1980. Empire is the most important Star Wars film because it greatly expands the series’ characters and overall mythology. In many ways, it’s the quintessential Star Wars experience. Of course, Return of the Jedi also came out in the 1980s. Another edge case is Alien.

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  2. I think the movie Just Imagine is a pretty interesting - and bizarre - look at nostalgia in general. It's a film about people in the 80's looking back fondly at the 30's... made in 1930! (The 80's are, of course, portrayed like a futuristic Metropolis-esque semi-dystopia.) Edit: Oh, and it's a musical comedy.

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  4. And don't forget the Gen Z kids, they're also whining about 80's nostalgia. I know I am. The highly ranked 50s films are far better than the highly ranked 80s films though imo. In fact a lot of 80s films like Back To The Future are just so poorly acted and overrated a bit because OF nostalgia.

    • Weekend at Bernie’s (1989) The idea behind Ted Kotcheff’s Weekend at Bernie’s probably sounded great at the pitch meeting. The 80s were a time of corporate ladder climbing, and the two entrepreneurs played by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman would go to impossible lengths to make it in business – even carting their boss’s corpse around a beachfront paradise.
    • National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) On paper, it made complete sense. Vacation was incredibly popular, so another trip with Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswold and the whole hilarious family was a no-brainer.
    • Look Who’s Talking (1989) Look Who’s Talking is kind of cute, for a few minutes. A baby with Bruce Willis’ voice as his inner monologue comments on the social practices of his single mom (Kirstie Alley) and the latest man in her life (John Travolta).
    • Friday the 13th (1980) The one that started it all… except, in hindsight, it’s not that good. We probably don’t need a spoiler alert for a 35 year old movie, but the original Friday the 13th didn’t involve the hockey-masked camp-counselor killer Jason Voorhees.
  5. Aug 30, 2022 · A Culture of Nostalgia: Why Remakes of '80s Films and Video Games are So Popular. RD80s Staff August 30, 2022. The entertainment industry seems to be in an era of deep nostalgia. Almost every new movie release is either a remake, a reboot, or a revival and if you’re eager to know what’s the difference between these three words here are ...

  6. Sep 16, 2016 · Plus, there is very little dancing in this movie despite that being the one saving grace of the whole thing. #10 – ST. ELMO’S FIRE. Joel Schumacher’s coming of age dramedy is one of the ...

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