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    BBC Three was a British free-to-air television channel operated by the BBC. Launched on 9 February 2003 as a replacement for BBC Choice, the service's remit was to provide "innovative programming" to a target audience of viewers between 16 and 34 years old, leveraging technology as well as new talent.

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    BBC Three is a British over-the-top Internet television service operated by the BBC. It was launched on 16 February 2016 as a replacement for the linear BBC Three television channel, which was discontinued the same day.

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    BBC Three was a British free-to-air television channel operated by the BBC. Launched on 9 February 2003 as a replacement for BBC Choice, the service's remit was to provide "innovative programming" to a target audience of viewers between 16 and 34 years old, leveraging technology as well as new talent. Unlike its commercial rivals, 90% of BBC Three's output originated from the United Kingdom. 70% was original, covering all genres, including animation, comedy, current affairs, and drama. BBC Three

    In late 2001, the BBC decided to reposition and rebrand their two digital channels so that they could be more closely linked to the well established BBC One and BBC Two. Their plan was for BBC Knowledge to be replaced with BBC Four—which took place in 2002—and for BBC Choice to be replaced with BBC Three. However, questions were raised over the proposed format of the new BBC Three, as some thought the new format would be too similar to the BBC's commercial rivals, namely ITV2 and E4 ...

    The remit of BBC Three is to bring younger audiences to high quality public service broadcasting through a mixed-genre schedule of innovative UK content featuring new UK talent. The channel should use the full range of digital platforms to deliver its content and to build an interactive relationship with its audience. The channel's target audience is 16–34-year-olds. — BBC Three Remit The channel's target audience was 16–34-year-olds, and it faced heavy competition from rivals ...

    The channel's original idents were conceived by Stefan Marjoram at Aardman Animations and were used from launch until February 2008. Stuart Murphy was touring Aardman Animations looking for new programming ideas for BBC Three when he spotted the cone shaped creatures, he then took the idea back to the Lambie-Nairn agency, responsible for the BBC Three identity package. A feature of this identity is also the music "Three Is The Magic Number", based upon Schoolhouse Rock!. BBC Online provided a nu

    The channel has had critical and popular successes. Most recently, it won Broadcast Magazine's Digital Channel of the Year Award for Best General Entertainment Channel, and MGEITF Non Terrestrial Channel of the Year. It won more awards in its eleven-year broadcast history than its commercial rivals have won in their combined 25-year history. In total BBC Three has won 7 BAFTA awards, 5 British Comedy Awards, 15 Royal Television Society Awards and 5 Rose d'Or Awards since the channel was launched

    The channel came in for criticism from several corners, the most prominent of which came from some of the BBC's long-standing presenters. These included John Humphrys, who argued that BBC Three and BBC Four should be shut down in the face of budget cuts to BBC Radio 4's Today programme, which he presents, as well as Jeremy Paxman. In July 2010 a UK music magazine printed a letter from the pressure group Friends of Radio 3 that criticised BBC Three for having 'comedies, game shows, films and docu

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    BBC Three was a British television channel from the BBC.. BBC Three was described by the BBC as a channel for 'New drama, talent, comedy, films, and accessible news'. It ran from 19:00 to about 04:00 each night, in order to share terrestrial digital bandwidth with the CBBC channel.

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    BBC Three, and BBC Choice before it, have both had visually dynamic identities to appeal to the target audience of young adults.

    BBC Choice launched on 23 September 1998 as a digital channel aimed at the young adult market. Offering a choice of programming from specially commissioned programming to repeats from BBC One and Two. The launch identity was created by Lambie-Nairn and revolved around the idea of

    On 10 July 2000, BBC Choice began to air programmes directly targeting the young adult audience, following an alteration to its remit. As a result, the original idents needed altering to match the new programming on the channel. The new idents built on the previous idea of the he

    On 6 July 2001, BBC Choice rebranded again. This time, the hearts aspect was dropped in favour of three orange boxes set in a blue and green world. The boxes would often interact with each other, roll over and adjust their own shape. The BBC Choice logotype remained at the bottom

    BBC Three launched on 9 February 2003. The new identity for the channel was devised by Lambie-Nairn and featured 'blobs' set in a blue environment with a towering three-dimensional 'THREE' in the background. The blobs were designed to be characters within the ident and not presen

    In 2008, Danny Cohen, the controller for BBC Three at the time, unveiled a new cross-platform brand for BBC Three. The new logo would feature on the revamped BBC Three website, mobile site and on the channel itself. The links between the three media would only increase with time

    The latest idents and presentation style was introduced on 1 October 2013, retaining the logo from 2008. The idents follow the theme of "discovery", and were designed by Claire Powell at Red Bee Media. The soundtrack for the idents was composed by Chris Branch and Tom Haines at B

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    BBC Choice (in Northern Ireland - Scotland - Wales) * BBC Food * BBC HD (UK) * BBC Japan * BBC Kids * BBC Knowledge (UK - International) * BBC Prime * BBC Select * BBC Three (television channel) * BBC TV Europe * BBC World Service Television * BBC 2W * BBC Two Scotland

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    BBC Threeは17歳から34歳までをターゲットを目的としたチャンネル 。放送時間は午後7時から深夜4時までで、それ以外は放送されない 。 主な番組. 秘密情報部トーチウッド(第1シリーズ。第2シリーズはBBC Two、第3シリーズはBBC Oneで放送)

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    • 16:9 SDTV, (2016年3月31日まで), インターネット配信, (2016年2月16日より)
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    BBC Three is a television channel from the BBC which broadcasts via digital cable, terrestrial, IPTV and satellite platforms. The channel's target audience includes those in the 16–34-year-old age group, and has the purpose of providing innovative" content to younger audiences, focusing on new talent and new technologies.

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    BBC Three was launched on 9 February 2003, replacing BBC Choice. "THREE" is in a font called 'Helvetica'. The logo was designed by Lambie-Nairn.

    A new and modern logo for the channel was introduced on 12 February 2008. The word threeis now pink and it bears a geometric lowercase appearance. In October 2013, the channel kept this logo, but the on-screen presentation was given a refresh, and this included new idents, graphics and continuity. The channel was broadcast 24 hours a day during the London Olympics in 2012.

    As part as the BBC's plan to move BBC Three online on 16 February, a new logo was launched on 4 January 2016. According to BBC Three's head of marketing Nikki Carr, each pillar has meaning as she states, "The first is 'make me think'... The second is 'make me laugh'... The third, the exclamation mark, is 'give me a voice', which is what we will do for young people.". Reactions were mixed to the new logo with some interpreting it as 'BBC 2!' or 'BBC 11!'. Some viewers noted a scene from a BBC-centralised documentary called W1A, where a design consultant suggests the BBC change their logo to something similar to the new logo. BBC Three released a short video on their YouTube page joking that the video was a direct inspiration. The logo was designed by Red Bee Media. On 11 February 2019, the BBC confirmed that BBC Three would return to TV, but as a block from Monday to Wednesday at 10:35 pm on BBC Onefrom 4 March.

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