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  2. Black metal - Wikipedia

    Black metal tends to be misanthropic and hostile to modern society. It is "a reaction against the mundanity, insincerity and emotional emptiness that participants feel is intrinsic to modern secular culture". The black metal scene tends to oppose political correctness, humanitarianism, consumerism, globalization and homogeneity.

    • Early to mid-1980s, England, Scandinavia
  3. Black metal is divided into two waves. The first wave began in the early 1980s by bands such as Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost and Mercyful Fate. Venom's first albums, Welcome to Hell and Black Metal are usually said to be the first black metal records. The second wave is the most popular wave of black metal and it started in the ...

  4. Black metal - Wikipedia

    Black metal (or Blek Metal) is an extreme kynd o hivy metal muisic. Common traits is fest tempos, skreicht vocals, heichlie distortit guitars pley'd wi tremolo poukin, blast baet drummin, raw recordin, an unconventional sang makup.

  5. Early Norwegian black metal scene - Wikipedia

    During the 1980s, black metal was a loose grouping of a handful of heavy metal bands who shared Satanic lyrics, although most of the "first wave" bands referred to Satanism only for shock value. During 1990–1992, a number of Norwegian artists, who were strongly influenced by those bands, began performing and releasing a new kind of black ...

    • Norway in the early 1990s
  6. National Socialist black metal - Wikipedia

    Black metal is a style of extreme metal music that originated in the 1980s from the work of thrash metal bands such as Venom (from Newcastle, England) — whose 1982 album Black Metal coined the term for the genre, Mercyful Fate (from Copenhagen, Denmark), Bathory (from Vällingby, Sweden), Slayer (from Huntington Park, California, United States), Hellhammer (from Nürensdorf, Switzerland ...

    • 1990s, Europe
  7. Metal Black (video game) - Wikipedia
    • Overview
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    Metal Black DeveloperTaito PublisherTaito ProducerTakamasa Hori DesignerTakatsuna Senba ProgrammerNaoya Kuroki Takashi Seguchi ArtistOhno Wepokichi ComposerYasuhisa Watanabe PlatformArcade Release JP/EU: November 1991 GenreScrolling shooter ModeSingle-player, multiplayer Arcade systemTaito F1 System Metal Black is a 1991 scrolling shooter arcade video game originally developed and published by Taito. Set in the dystopian future of 2052, players assume the role of rogue pilot John Ford taking com

    Metal Black is a scrolling shooter game where players assume the role of rogue pilot John Ford taking control of the CF-345 Black Fly space fighter craft across six increasingly difficult rounds to combat against the Nemesis alien race and save humanity. The gameplay is unique in that there are no alternative weapons or bombs; the only power-up players grab through rounds are the Newalone molecules scattered by Nemesis. Colleting it increases the ship's beam level, serving as the only defense me

    The plot summary of Metal Black is explained further through supplementary materials. In the year 2042, a companion star of the planet Jupiter appears a few astronomical units away from the planet and propels the asteroids along Jupiter's orbit towards the Earth, creating a wave of meteorites. As the Earthlings struggle to survive, extraterrestrial cybernetic invaders from beyond the distant star use the meteorites as cover to invade Earth with little resistance, intending to plunder Earth for i

    Metal Black was developed under the working title "Project Gun Frontier 2" by most of the same staff behind Gun Frontier, including its designer Takatsuna Senba and producer Takamasa "Tarabar" Hori but its actual connection to the latter is faint at best. According to Senba, development began as Darius 3 under the initial internal name "Darius Part 22" and the original plan was to announce it in a two-screen cabinet similar to Darius II.

    Metal Black was released in arcades on November 1991. Prior to launch, it was showcased in a playable state to attendees at the 1991 Amusement Machine Show. The game ran on Taito's F1 System hardware, using expansion chips that allowed special graphical effects. A version named after Hori titled Metal Black: Tarabar Edition was created for internal use at Tatio and not released for arcades, featuring only three stages and different music, as well as a new "extra stage" and more difficult enemy p

    • Taito
    • Taito
  8. Black metal | Metal Wiki | Fandom
    • Overview
    • Characteristics
    • The First Wave

    Black metal is an extreme variety of heavy metal, doom metal, dark metal and thrash metal. It is typically characterized by the use of fast tempos, high-pitched guitars often played with tremolo picking, high-pitched shrieking vocals, and unconventional song structures.

    Black metal can contain a variety of characteristics, depending on the band in question. Guitars are typically fast and highly distorted, with prominent low or mid-range frequencies typically absent or undervalued, resulting in a metallic or "scooped" tone. There is a frequent use of chromatics shifted up and down by semitones from a given central tonic to create an uneasy atmosphere (commonly featuring the tritone interval). Pendulum strumming may be applied to fully voiced chords (usually mino...

    The First Wave of black metal refers to the bands that first influenced the black metal sound, often starting as thrash metal bands.

  9. Black metal - Wikipedia

    Black metalul este un gen muzical extrem care a apărut la începutul anilor 1980.Black metalul combină elemente din genurile thrash metal și death metal, fiind caracterizat de tempouri rapide, stil vocal de tip shrieking, chitare puternic distorsionate, înregistrări lo-fi și implementarea unor structuri neconvenționale melodiilor.

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