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    Boston was the largest town in the Thirteen Colonies until Philadelphia grew larger in the mid-18th century. Boston's oceanfront location made it a lively port, and the city primarily engaged in shipping and fishing during its colonial days. However, Boston stagnated in the decades prior to the Revolution.

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    Boston is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, which had its most notable successes during the 1970s and 1980s.Centered on multi-instrumentalist founder and leader Tom Scholz, who played the majority of instruments on the debut album, and lead vocalist Brad Delp, the band is a staple of classic rock.

  3. History. Boston was founded on September 7, 1630, by Puritan colonists from England.Boston's early European settlers called the area Trimountaine (Three Mountains). They renamed the town for Boston, England, in Lincolnshire because many important "Pilgrim" colonists came from there.

    • September 17, 1630
    • Suffolk
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    Boston's fifth studio album, Corporate America, was released in 2002 by Artemis Records. Overall, the band have sold over 31 million albums in the US. Boston's sixth studio album, Life, Love & Hope was released in December 2013. A world tour followed in 2014.

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    Boston is the debut studio album by American rock band Boston. Produced by Tom Scholz and John Boylan, the album was released on August 25, 1976, in the United States by Epic Records. Scholz had studied classical piano in his childhood and became involved in the Boston music scene in the late 1960s. He subsequently started to concentrate on demos recorded in his apartment basement with singer Brad Delp; they had received numerous rejection letters from major record labels in the early 1970s. By

    In the late 1960s, Tom Scholz began attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he first began writing music. After graduating with a master's degree, he began working for the Polaroid Corporation in the product development division. By night, he played keyboards for bands in the Boston bar and club scene, where he collaborated with keyboardist/drummer Jim Masdea. The two—who shared a concept of the perfect rock band, one "with crystal-clear vocals and bone-crunching ...

    —Brad Delp Boston was primarily recorded at Scholz's own Foxglove Studios in Watertown in "an elaborate end run around the CBS brain trust." Epic wanted a studio version that sounded identical to the demo tape, and Scholz decided he could not work in a production studio, having adapted to home recording for several years, stating "I work alone, and that was it." Scholz took a leave of absence from Polaroid, and was gone for several months to record the band's album. "I would wake up every ...

    Boston was released by Epic Records on August 25, 1976. Few industry insiders thought a guitar-heavy rock record could make much of a dent in the charts as disco ruled the airwaves at the time. The album broke out of Cleveland first, and the following week, it had been added at 392 stations. Had the record been unsuccessful, Scholz, then 29, planned to abandon his rock and roll dream; he still worked at Polaroid during the first few weeks of the record's success. Scholz felt pessimistic about th

    • October 1975 – April 1976
    • Hard rock
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    From 1920 to 1954, East Boston was the site of the East Boston Immigration Station, which served as the regional immigration hub for Boston and the surrounding area. The 1990s into the early millennium brought new Latin American immigrants, who today compose more than sixty-five percent of the neighborhood population.

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    Boston University (BU) is a private research university in Boston, Massachusetts. The university is nonsectarian, but maintains its historical affiliation with the United Methodist Church. It was founded in 1839 by Methodists with its original campus in Newbury, Vermont, before moving to Boston in 1867.

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    Back Bay is an officially-recognized neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, built on reclaimed land in the Charles River basin. Construction began in 1859, as the demand for luxury housing exceeded the availability in the city at the time, and the area was fully built by around 1900.

    • August 14, 1973
    • Mid 19th Century Revival, Late 19th And 20th Century Revivals, Late Victorian
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    Boston took a 3-2 series lead and had a chance to claim the title on their home court. However, the Bucks won Game Six in Boston when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar nestled in a hook shot with 3 seconds left in the game's second overtime, and the series returned to Milwaukee. Cowens was the hero in Game 7, scoring 28 points as the Celtics brought the ...

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    Boston (formellt City of Boston) är huvudstad i delstaten Massachusetts i USA.Boston är den mest befolkade staden i delstaten, och den största i regionen New England. År 2005 hade staden 596 638 invånare, storstadsområdet hade 4 313 000, vilket gör det till USA:s elfte största storstadsområde.