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    The common cold, also known simply as a cold, is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affects the nose. The throat, sinuses, and larynx may also be affected. Signs and symptoms may appear less than two days after exposure to the virus.

    • Cough, sore throat, runny nose, fever
    • NSAIDs
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    Cold is an American rock band, from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1986 by lead singer and guitarist Scooter Ward, guitarist Matt Loughran, bassist Jeremy Marshall, and drummer Sam McCandless.

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    A cold wave (known in some regions as a cold snap or cold spell) is a weather phenomenon that is distinguished by a cooling of the air.Specifically, as used by the U.S. National Weather Service, a cold wave is a rapid fall in temperature within a 24-hour period requiring substantially increased protection to agriculture, industry, commerce, and social activities.

  5. Cold is a relative term used in comparison with the adjective warm (opposite of cold). Because it is relative, there is no range in coldness. The temperatures in the winter season are often categorized as being cold. Cold is the opposite of hot. The coldest possible temperature is −273.15 °C, which can be expressed as -459.67 °F on the ...

  6. The common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza, or a cold) is an easily spread infectious disease of the upper respiratory system. It damages mostly the nose and throat. The symptoms include cough, painful throat, runny nose , and fever. These symptoms usually last seven to ten days, but sometimes up to three weeks.

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    Cold Case ye una serie de televisión estauxunidense estrenada en 2003 y rematada cola so séptima temporada en 2010. Foi emitida por Warner Channel. Ye protagonizada por Kathryn Morris nel personaxe de la detective d'homicidios de Filadelfia Lilly Rush. Nun ye una serie tradicional, pos nun investiga delitos actuales, sinón homicidios que se ...

  8. cold - Wiktionary

    Jun 21, 2020 · cold plants Unexciting; dull; uninteresting. 1641, Ben Jonson, Discoveries Made upon Men and Matter What a deal of cold business doth a man misspend the better part of life in! 1705 (revised 1718), Joseph Addison, Remarks on Several Parts of Italy The jest grows cold […] when it comes on in a second scene.

  9. Common cold - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    The common cold is a viral infection of your nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). It's usually harmless, although it might not feel that way. Many types of viruses can cause a common cold. Children younger than 6 are at greatest risk of colds, but healthy adults can also expect to have two or three colds annually.

  10. Cold Agglutinin Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

    Cold agglutinin disease (CAD) is a condition that makes your body’s immune system attack your red blood cells and destroy them. It’s triggered by cold temperatures, and it can cause problems ...

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