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  1. Definition of defensive as in protective intended to resist or prevent attack or aggression a defensive alliance among the small nations against the aggressors Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance protective self-protective preventive deterrent secure safe Antonyms & Near Antonyms offensive aggressive combative belligerent warlike militant pugnacious

  2. a. Intended to withstand or deter aggression or attack: a defensive weapons system; defensive behavior. b. Of or relating to the effort to prevent an opponent from gaining points in a game or athletic contest. c. Performed so as to avoid risk, danger, or legal liability: defensive driving; defensive medicine. 3. Of or relating to defense. 4.

  3. Nov 14, 2022 · Defensiveness refers to both a feeling and a behavior. The feeling is typically elicited when you feel as though someone is being critical of you, and results in shame, sadness, and anger. In turn, behavior usually results from the feeling, such as being sarcastic, giving someone the silent treatment, or being critical in return.

  4. Jan 23, 2023 · Defensive behavior may be a common coping mechanism to defend yourself from perceived or actual threats. It may often involve adopting aggressive, dismissive, or suspicious behaviors to distance yourself from the threat. Such behaviors may be triggered by subconscious thoughts or feelings that you are being judged, attacked, or threatened.

  5. May 8, 2018 · We usually think of defensiveness as getting verbally defensive. But we actually defend ourselves against holes in our self-esteem in lots of ways: we might trash-talk our haters, compare...

  6. Nov 10, 2022 · To be defensive is to react with an overprotective mentality so a situation that perhaps doesn't warrant it. Defensiveness is an impulsive and reactive mode of responding to a situation or conversation. Rather than listening with an open heart, we respond with our metaphorical shields up and weapons drawn. Advertisement 2.

  7. Jan 18, 2023 · Defensive behavior can come from multiple defense mechanisms used to avoid the threat to self-esteem caused by criticism. A few examples may include: Denial: Refusing to see your responsibility or that a problem exists at all. Projection: Attributing your thoughts and feelings to another person ("I'm not angry, you're angry")

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