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    Drum and bass (also written as Drum&Bass or drum'n'bass and commonly abbreviated as D&B, DnB, or D'n'B) is a genre of electronic music characterised by fast breakbeats (typically 165-185 beats per minute) with heavy bass and sub-bass lines, sampled sources, and synthesizers.

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    United Kingdom. Drum and bass began as a musical paradigm shift of the United Kingdom breakbeat hardcore and rave scene of the mid 1990s; and over the first decade and a half of its existence there have been many permutations in its style, incorporating elements from dancehall, electro, funk, hip hop, house, jazz, pop-created fusion of hardcore, house and techno (also including new beat).

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  4. Drum and bass (also known as D&B or DnB) is a form of electronic dance music. It began in the 1990s in the United Kingdom. It usually has a certain tempo and heavy bass. Disc jockeys sometimes play this music.

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    El drum and bass (abreviado con las contracciones drum 'n' bass, drum & bass) es un tipo de música electrónica que surgió en Inglaterra a principios de los años 1990. El género se caracteriza por los breaks acelerados (típicamente entre 150 y 190 bpm) combinados con poderosas líneas de bajo.

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    • Overview
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    The bass drum, or kick drum, is a large drum that produces a note of low definite or indefinite pitch. The instrument is typically cylindrical, with the drum's diameter much greater than the drum's depth, with a struck head at both ends of the cylinder. The heads may be made of calf skin or plastic and there is normally a means of adjusting the tension either by threaded taps or by strings. Bass drums are built in a variety of sizes, but size does not dictate the volume produced by the drum. The

    Bass drums have many synonyms and translations, such as gran cassa, grosse caisse, Grosse Trommel or Basstrommel, and bombo.

    In classical music, composers have much more freedom in the way the bass drum is used than in other genres of music. Common uses are: 1. Providing local "colour" 2. Climactic single strokes 3. Rolls 4. Adding weight to loud tutti sections Apart from the standard beaters mentioned above, implements used to strike the drum may include keyboard percussion mallets, timpani mallets, and drumsticks. The hand or fingers can also be used. The playing techniques possible include rolls, repetitions and un

    In a drum kit, the bass drum is much smaller than in traditional orchestral use, most commonly 20 or 22 inches in diameter. Sizes range from 16 to 28 inches in diameter while depths range from 12 to 22 inches, with 14 to 18 inches being normal. Vintage bass drums are generally shallower than the current standard of 22 in × 18 in. Sometimes the front head of a kit bass drum has a hole in it to allow air to escape when the drum is struck for shorter sustain. Muffling can be installed through ...

    The "bass line" is a unique musical ensemble consisting of graduated pitch marching bass drums commonly found in marching bands and drum and bugle corps. Each drum plays a different note, and this gives the bass line a unique task in a musical ensemble. Skilled lines execute complex linear passages split among the drums to add an additional melodic element to the percussion section. This is characteristic of the marching bass drum—its purpose is to convey complex rhythmic and melodic ...

    • Percussion
    • 211.212.1, (Individual double-skin cylindrical drums)
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    Drum and bass (kirjoitetaan myös drum’n’bass, drum & bass, D&B, DnB tai D’n’B) on elektronisen musiikin tyylilaji, joka on junglen kehittynein muoto. Se syntyi aikanaan reggaen hip hop -rumpukuvioiden ja teknon vaikutteista.

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    Drum and bass (zkráceně drum’n’bass, d’n’b či dnb; [dɹʌm ənd beɪs]) je hudební žánr elektronické taneční hudby vzniklý v 90. letech 20. století. Pro tento styl jsou charakteristické převážně instrumentální skladby, založené na výrazné basové lince spolu s bicími – od toho se odvíjí i původ jména stylu – anglicky drum’n’bass = buben a basy ...

  9. Drum and bass (biasa juga ditulis sebagai "drum 'n' bass" atau "drum & bass", kadang-kadang disingkat "D&B", "DnB" atau "D'n'B") adalah sebuah genre dalam musik dansa elektronik. Genre ini memiliki ciri-ciri ketukan yang cepat (biasanya 160-180 ketukan per menit), bass dan sub-bass yang berat, sumber sampel dan penyintesis .

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    A drum kit – also called a drum set, trap set (an abbreviation of the word "contraption") or simply drums – is a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments, which are set up on stands to be played by a single player, with drumsticks held in both hands and the feet operating pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the beater for the bass drum.

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