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  2. Economic indicator - Wikipedia

    An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity.Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. One application of economic indicators is the study of business cycles.

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    Pages in category "Economic indicators" The following 57 pages are in this category, out of 57 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

  4. Economic Indicators: Definition, Types and Usage - SmartAsset

    Top Economic Indicators and How They’re Used. There are several economic indicators that are grouped into the three types listed above. Each one can help investors, economists and financial analysts make smart financial decisions. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) GDP is a lagging indicator. It is one of the first indicators used to gauge the ...

  5. Economics: Overview, Types, and Economic Indicators

    Economics is a social science concerned with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. It studies how individuals, businesses, governments and nations make choices on ...

  6. Top Ten US Economic Indicators - Investopedia

    Feb 19, 2020 · Economic indicators provide insight about the state of an economy and whether it is in expansion or contraction. Most indicators are released monthly by government agencies and typically provide ...

  7. What Are Economic Indicators? (Including Examples) - My ...

    Economic Indicators Examples. Indicators of Economic Growth – GDP and GNP. The gross domestic product (GDP) is the most comprehensive economic indicator available to traders. The GDP includes the value of all finished goods and services inside a country, within a specific time period – usually quarterly and yearly.

  8. List of 16 Major Leading & Lagging Economic Indicators

    It’s not deflation, which can lead to an economic depression. Deflation is a condition in which the cost of living decreases. Although this sounds like a good thing, it is an indicator that the economy is in very poor shape. Deflation occurs when consumers decide to cut back on spending and is often caused by a reduction in the supply of money.

  9. Economic Indicators {definition + examples} | AvaTrade

    Economic Indicator Examples An example of an indicator with a major impact is the Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP), published on each month’s first Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This report reveals change in the number of employed people in the US from the previous month, excluding the farming industry.

  10. Australia - Economic Indicators

    Economic Indicators for Australia including actual values, historical data charts, an economic calendar, time-series statistics, business news, long term forecasts and short-term predictions for Australia economy.

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