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    Edward Everett Horton Jr. (March 18, 1886 – September 29, 1970) was an American character actor. He had a long career in film, theater, radio, television, and voice work for animated cartoons.

    • Personal life

      Edward Everett Horton never discussed his private life...

    • Death and legacy

      Horton died of cancer in 1970 at age 84 in Encino,...

    • Wide Open

      Wide Open is a 1930 American romantic comedy film directed...

  2. Edward Everett Horton - Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_Everett_Horton

    Edward Everett Horton De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă Edward Everett Horton Jr. (n. 18 martie 1886, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, SUA – d. 29 septembrie 1970, Encino, California, SUA) a fost un actor de rol american. A avut o lungă carieră în film, teatru, radio, televiziune și ca actor de voce pentru desene animate.

    Too Much Business
    John Henry Jackson
    The Ladder Jinx
    Arthur Barnes
    A Front Page Story
    Rodney Marvin
    Ruggles of Red Gap
  3. Edward Everett Horton – Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_Everett_Horton
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    Edward Everett Horton (* 18. März 1886 in Brooklyn, New York; 29. September 1970 in Encino, Kalifornien) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Zwischen 1922 und 1971 spielte er in fast 150 Spielfilmen, überwiegend in komödiantischen Nebenrollen.

    Edward Everett Horton wurde in Brooklyn geboren, seine Vorfahren waren schottischer, englischer und deutscher Herkunft. Vom Oberlin College wurde er als Student wegen rebellischen Verhaltens verwiesen, woraufhin er in einem Schülerstreich mit einer Strohpuppe vorspielte, er würde vom Schulgebäude springen.[1] Er besuchte anschließend das Brooklyn Polytechnic sowie die Columbia University. Ab 1906 trat der 20-jährige Horton als Sänger und Tänzer im US-Vaudeville auf, 1912 hatte er ein erstes Engagement am Broadway. 1919 zog er nach Hollywood, um dort beim Film zu arbeiten. Drei Jahre später hatte er eine erste größere Rolle in der Stummfilm-Komödie Too Much Business. Einen seiner bekanntesten Stummfilm-Auftritte hatte Horton im Jahre 1926 neben Lillian Gish in King Vidors Drama La Bohème. Der Umstieg zum Tonfilm Ende der 1920er Jahre stellte ihn als langjährigen Theaterschauspieler mit ausreichend Spracherfahrung vor keine Probleme. So war er auch in einigen der ersten Tonfilme der Warner Brothers zu sehen. Neben seinen Filmrollen spielte Horton weiterhin in Theateraufführungen, zudem arbeitete er zwischen 1945 und 1947 als Moderator der Radioshow Kraft Music Hall. Ab Beginn der 1950er Jahre wirkte er vermehrt für das Fernsehen, neben Gastrollen in Fernsehserien wie I Love Lucy, Dennis the Menace und Batman arbeitete er als Erzähler für die Zeichentrickserie Rocky and His Friends. Bis zu seinem Tod arbeitete Horton als Film- und Fernsehdarsteller, sein letzter Film die Komödie Der 25 Millionen Dollar Preis mit Dick Van Dyke erschien erst nach seinem Tod in den Kinos.

    Horton erlag im Alter von 84 Jahren einem Krebsleiden im kalifornischen Encino, wo er seinen Wohnsitz hatte. Der Schriftsteller F. Scott Fitzgerald lebte Ende der 1930er-Jahre als Mieter eines Bungalows auf Hortons Grundstück.[2] Horton war homosexuell, er hatte unter anderem eine langjährige Beziehung mit dem Schauspieler Gavin Gordon.[3]

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    He may have been a sissy, but he was no dummy. He bought up property in the San Fernando Valley starting in the 1920s. He developed what he named Beleigh Acres, a 23-acre compound where he lived with his longtime partner, handsome, silver-tongued actor Gavin Gordon, and Horton’s mother, who stubbornly hung around until she was 102-years-old. Gordon and Horton met in a stage production of Coward’s Private Lives in 1934. They appeared in only one film together, the sweetly sentimental...

    If you are saying that wikipedia should start generally using USA as an adjective to describe citizens of the United States, I think you should discuss it elsewhere before implementing it. I suspect most will disagree with you. Like it or not, American is the accepted adjective used to describe citizens of the United States, just as Ni-Vanuatu is the accepted adjective used to describe citizens of Vanuatu. I understand some want to reserve "American" to refer to occupants of all of the Americas,

    Horton's been classified under the category "Gay actors from the United States". However, I've yet to find any proof-- despite some considerable google-fu on my part-- that Horton was gay. A few sites do say that he's gay, but they don't cite any proof, compelling or otherwise. So I'm removing it. If someone does have some proof, feel free to provide it and to revert my edit.Anonymoustom 23:38, 20 June 2008 According to director George Cukor, Horton was part of Hollywood's gay scene, although hi

    Mr. Horton was a frequent visitor to Rochester, NY, where he was loved and made us all giggle. I was in my teens and had the delightful chance to play, and lose, at tennis with him in the indoor court at the Genesee Valley Club. I resent snide remarks about his sexual orientation- - -which is nobody's business, totally beside his talent and deeply in bad taste. I hope Wikipedia is able to filter slander OUT. If not, I have a slew of goodies to contribute to the sleaze faction. —Preceding ...

    Just a guess, but he's named after Edward Everett, the man who spoke before Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? Could he be a relation? I hesitate to ask, but if he is, there's always the chance his unusual voice is alike. Piano non troppo 06:49, 9 June 2009

    I removed an unsourced statement from the Early Life section indicating that Horton may be the grandson of Edward Everett Hale. Horton is named after his own father, whose last name is obviously not Hale. Edward Everett Hale's only daughter who survived to adulthood neither married nor had children. It's possible that he is related in some other way, but many other possibilities exist including that Edward Everett Horton Sr. was named in honor of the famous statesman and orator, Edward Everett.

  5. Edward Everett Horton - Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_Everett_Horton

    Edward Everett Horton (18. mart 1886 - 29. septembar 1970) bio je američki glumac, komičar i zabavljač, poznat najviše po karakternim i komičnim ulogama u hollywoodskim filmovima.

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    Edward Everett Horton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ed­ward Everett Hor­ton Jr. (March 18, 1886 – Sep­tem­ber 29, 1970) was an Amer­i­can char­ac­ter actor. He had a long ca­reer in film, the­ater, radio, tele­vi­sion, and voice work for an­i­mated car­toons.

  7. Edward Everett Horton – Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_Everett_Horton

    Edward Everett Horton Edward Everett Horton (18. maaliskuuta 1886 New York, New York – 29. syyskuuta 1970 San Fernando Valley, Kalifornia) oli yhdysvaltalainen näyttelijä. Hän teki debyyttinsä teatterissa vuonna 1908 ja ensimmäisen elokuvaroolinsa hän sai 1918.

  8. Edward Everett - Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_Everett

    His name was also given to his nephew, Edward Everett Hale, as well as Hale's grandson, the actor Edward Everett Horton. [107] [108] Everett, Massachusetts , separated from Malden in 1870, was named in his honor, [109] as was the borough of Everett, Pennsylvania , [110] and Mount Everett in western Massachusetts. [111]

  9. Edward Horton - Wikipedia › wiki › Edward_Horton

    Edward Everett Horton (1886–1970), American character actor Edward Raymond Horton (1928–1977), New Zealand murderer Edward Horton (politician) (1907-1980), Mayor of Etobicoke, Ontario This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.

  10. F Troop - Wikipedia › wiki › F_Troop

    Roaring Chicken (Edward Everett Horton) – An ancient Hekawi medicine man and son of Sitting Duck. He appears in only 6 episodes in the first season. And he "invented" the RoarChick test (a parody of the Rorschach test ).

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