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    Filmmaking (or, in any context, film production) is the process by which a film is made.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of film production and distribution companies. A production company may specialize in producing their in-house films or own subsidiary development companies. Major production companies often distribute films from independent production companies.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The main article for this category is filmmaking. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Film production.

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    A. Film Production A/S is a Danish animation studio currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Affiliated to the Copenhagen studio are A. Film Estonia located in Estonia and A. Film L.A., Inc. in Southern California. It produces traditional and CGI animation for feature films, television, advertising and games. The studio's notable original features include Checkered Ninja, Help! I'm a Fish, Jungledyret Hugo and Terkel in Trouble.

    The studio was founded on 1 August 1988 by animators Stefan Fjeldmark, Karsten Kiilerich, Jørgen Lerdam and Hans Perk and producer Anders Mastrup who met while working on the 1986 film Valhalla based on the Danish comics of the same name, and was originally headquartered at Tagensvej 85 in Copenhagen. In 1995, the Danish media corporation Egmont purchased 50% of A. Film and moved A. Film under the umbrella of its film division, Nordisk Film. Stefan Fjeldmark left A. Film in 2008 to pursue ...

    Note: This section lists films produced by the company.

    • Stefan Fjeldmark, Karsten Killerich, Jørgen Lerdam, Hans Perk, Anders Mastrup
    • Animation
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    A film crew is a group of people hired by a film company, employed during the "production" or "photography" phase, for the purpose of producing a film or motion picture. Crew is distinguished from cast , who are the actors who appear in front of the camera or provide voices for characters in the film.

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    A film producer is a person who oversees film production. Either employed by a production company or working independently, producers plan and coordinate various aspects of film production, such as selecting the script; coordinating writing, directing, editing; and arranging financing. During the "discovery stage", the producer finds and selects promising material for development. Then, unless the film is based on an existing script, the producer has to hire a screenwriter and oversee the develo

    Different types of producers and their roles within the industry today include

    During this stage of the production process, producers bring together people like the film director, cinematographer, and production designer. Unless the film is supposed to be based on an original script, the producer has to find an appropriate screenwriter. If an existing scrip

    During production, the producer's job is to make sure the film stays on schedule and under budget. They will always be in contact with directors and other key creative team members. For various reasons, producers cannot always personally supervise all parts of their production. F

    During post-production, the producer has the last word on whether sounds, music, or scenes have to be changed or cut. Even if the shooting has been finished, the producers can still demand that additional scenes be filmed. In the case of a negative test screening, producers may e

    Within the United States film and television industry, all producers union contracts are negotiated by The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. It was founded in 1924 by the U.S Trade Association as the Association of Motion Picture Producers. The AMPTP was originally responsible for negotiating labor contracts, but during the mid-1930s it took over all contract negotiation responsibilities previously controlled by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Today, the AMPTP

    Many producers start in a college, university or film school. On the occasion of announcing his own film school, 'École de la Cité, film producer Luc Besson admitted that at the beginning of his career, he would have appreciated the chance to attend a film school. Film schools and many universities offer degree courses that include film production knowledge, with some courses that are especially designed for future film producers. These courses focus on key topics like pitching, script ...

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    Pages in category "Film production companies of the United States" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 1,038 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ).

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    Film4 Productions is a British film production company owned by Channel Four Television Corporation. The company has been responsible for backing many films made in the United Kingdom. The company's first production was Walter, directed by Stephen Frears, which was released in 1982. It is especially known for its gritty, kitchen sink-style films and period drama. Film4 Productions FormerlyChannel Four Films FilmFour International TypeFilm production company Founded1982 HeadquartersLondon, Englan

    Prior to 1998, the company was identified as Channel Four Films or FilmFour International. Later, the outfit was re-branded as FilmFour, to coincide with the launch of a new Digital TV channel of the same name. The company cut its budget and staff significantly in 2002, due to mounting losses, and was reintegrated into the drama department of Channel 4. The name "Film4 Productions" was introduced in 2006 to tie in with the relaunch of the FilmFour broadcast channel as Film4.

    This is a list of the most notable productions by Film4.

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    While the film was in production, a logo was commissioned from Dan Perri, a title sequence designer who had worked on the titles for films such as The Exorcist (1973) and Taxi Driver (1976). Perri devised a foreshortened STAR WARS logotype consisting of block-capital letters filled with stars and skewed towards a vanishing point. This logo ...

    • May 25, 1977 (United States)
    • Gary Kurtz
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