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  1. Guitar pick - Wikipedia

    A guitar pick (American English) is a plectrum used for guitars. Picks are generally made of one uniform material—such as some kind of plastic (nylon, Delrin, celluloid), rubber, felt, tortoiseshell, wood, metal, glass, tagua, or stone.

  2. Guitar picking - Wikipedia

    Guitar picking is a group of hand and finger techniques a guitarist uses to set guitar strings in motion to produce audible notes. These techniques involve plucking, strumming, brushing, etc. Picking can be done with: A pick (plectrum) held in the hand

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  4. Plectrum - Wikipedia

    A plectrum is a small flat tool used to pluck or strum a stringed instrument. For hand-held instruments such as guitars and mandolins, the plectrum is often called a pick and is a separate tool held in the player's hand. In harpsichords, the plectra are attached to the jack mechanism.

  5. V-Picks Guitar Picks - Wikipedia
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    V-PICKS are hand made guitar picks created in 1980 by guitarist Vinni Smith. By design these guitar picks were unique, being the first picks to originate from cast acrylic. The pick was originally developed for more volume, better tone, fast playing action and beauty. Since its introduction, over 100 models have been designed. Picks available are applicable for electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, dulcimer and an assortment of therapeutic picks for players with hand and arm injur

    One of V-PICK's most recognizable endorsers is Carlos Santana. Other artists include Bill Decker, Billy Gibbons, Walter Becker, Phil Keaggy, Jorge Santana, Brad Whitford, Vernon Reid, Rick Vito, Gordon Kennedy, Derek St Holmes, Roger Fisher, Jimmy Herring, Johnny Hiland, Danny Kortchmar, SKY Dangcil, Andy Reiss, Stu Hamm and Billy Sheehan, Scott Van Zen, Neil Zaza & Joe Martinelli.

    Acrylic is the material used in crafting V-PICKS. A proprietary mixture of two different acrylics is used plus an inert material. The manufacturer states that materials and mixtures are chosen to render a strong, long wearing guitar pick that has a gripping quality which reacts to the temperature in the players fingertips. These acrylic picks are made in gauges ranging from.75mm to 11.85mm.

    V-PICKS are made in Nashville, TN. The company produces over 100,000 hand made picks per year, and supplies guitar picks to 101 countries in the world. Some models are originally cut out by laser from sheets of cast acrylic. Others start as raw materials poured into molds. Both styles are then hand ground on a bench grinder and hand trimmed with a razor knife. This creates the bevel, feel, and sound of the pick. Next, they are tempered for strength with intense high heat, much like the process d

  6. Guitar - Wikipedia

    A "guitar pick" or "plectrum" is a small piece of hard material generally held between the thumb and first finger of the picking hand and is used to "pick" the strings. Though most classical players pick with a combination of fingernails and fleshy fingertips, the pick is most often used for electric and steel-string acoustic guitars.

    • 321.322, (Composite chordophone)
  7. Pickup (music technology) - Wikipedia

    A pickup is a transducer that captures or senses mechanical vibrations produced by musical instruments, particularly stringed instruments such as the electric guitar, and converts these to an electrical signal that is amplified using an instrument amplifier to produce musical sounds through a loudspeaker in a speaker enclosure.

  8. Fingerstyle guitar - Wikipedia

    Fingerstyle guitar is the technique of playing the guitar or bass guitar by plucking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails, or picks attached to fingers, as opposed to flatpicking (plucking individual notes with a single plectrum, commonly called a "pick").

  9. Guitar pick | Guitar Wiki | Fandom

    guitar pickis a type of plectrumdesigned for use on a guitar. Over time people have made picks of various materials, including plastic, rubber, felt, tortoiseshell, wood, metal, and stone. They most often take the shape of an acute isosceles trianglewith the two equal corners very rounded and the third corner rounded to a lesser extent.

  10. How to Choose Guitar Picks: Complete Guide | Fender Guitars

    A pick is usually one of the most important inexpensive accessories to select, often costing a little more 25¢. A trip to a music store reveals just how many choices there are for guitar picks. In fact, it is quite astounding.

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