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      • The 20th century saw dramatic innovations in musical forms and styles. Composers and songwriters explored new forms and sounds that challenged the previously accepted rules of music of earlier periods, such as the use of altered chords and extended chords in 1940s-era Bebop jazz.
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  2. The Music: In 1945, Strauss penned a harrowing public lament for the destruction of the world as he knew it. His raw grief at ‘the most terrible period of human history’, as he described the Second World War in his diary, flows through every note of the string masterpiece that is Metamorphosen.

  3. Jan 22, 2020 · How did music change during the 20th century? Music in the 20th Century changed dramatically, due to the hostile political climate, advances in technology, and huge shifts in style. Many composers, struggling to build any further on the music of generations gone by, reacted against established musical trends, creating exciting new forms and styles.

  4. In the twentieth century music was no longer constrained to opera-houses, clubs, and concerts and this freedom brought experimentation with new styles of music that went against the conventional music practices. Discussed below are the contributions of the aforementioned composers and their influence on 20th century music. Arnold Schoenberg

  5. Jazz originated in the early 20th century out of a combination of the Blues, Ragtime, Brass Band Music, Hymns and Spirituals, Minstrel music and work songs. Furthermore, how did 20th century music differ from romantic music? Romantic music was also more classical sounding compared to 20th century, only because in the 20th century Program Music ...

  6. Very long, because the 20th century was arguably the most diverse time for music. Not only was it technologically easier to make records, but it became more and more affordable for the common man to have his own sound system — even if it was first a gramophone. Before the ability to record came along people simply played popular tunes themselves.

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