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      • The lost city of Zanaris is a members only area that requires you to complete the Lost City quest in order to enter. When entering the small, seemingly useless hut in Lumbridge swamps, while wielding the Dramen staff, you will be teleported into the lost city. It is also possible to enter Zanaris through the cosmic rift in the abyss.
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  2. Lost City is a quest about the fairy land Zanaris. A group of adventurers have set up camp in Lumbridge Swamp, claiming to be searching for the mystical lost city. You must find the truth of this claim, and gain entrance to the moon of Gielinor, Zanaris. Contents Details Walkthrough Starting out The island of Entrana Finishing up Rewards

  3. Aug 26, 2012 · Just use any fairy ring to get to the Lost City. For those who haven't completed the Fairy Tale III quest, equip a Dramen staff or Lunar staff and enter the small shed in the Lumbridge Swamp . Entrance Portal: Upon entering through the small shed, you will land at the entrance portal. You can use the fairy ring to get back to the small shed in the Lumbridge Swamp, or use a Raw chicken at the Evil Chicken statue to enter the Evil Chicken Lair (see step 19).

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    Seeking the lost city

    Head to Lumbridge Swamp and locate a group of adventurers, a warrior, archer, wizard, and a monk, at a campfire near Father Urhney's house. Talk to the warrior and ask what he is doing. When he refuses to tell you, ask: 1. 1. Why are you camped out here? 2. 2. What makes you think it's out here? 3. 3. If it's hidden, how are you planning to find it? 4. 4. Looks like you don't know either. Look for a swamp tree to the east of the camp. It is the first tree to the west of Father Urhney's house....


    Entrana enforces a policy of nonaggression, meaning that weapons, armour, combat auras and certain magical items cannot be taken onto Entrana. However it is possible to bring the raw ingredients for creating weapons and armour, such as leather or dragonleather and thread along with bowstring and logs for ranged gear; spider silk or batwing and thread to make a wand; or bars and a portable forge to make melee weapons and armour. Other useful items to bring include ammo such as arrows and runes...

    The City of Fairies

    Open the magical door east of the greater demons which leads south of Draynor Village or teleport to Lumbridge. Wield the dramen staff and locate the shed in the middle of the swamp. Enter the shed to be transported to Zanaris. Congratulations, quest complete!

    3 quest points
    Access to Zanaris
    Ability to wield dragon longswords and dragon daggers
    Ability to make cosmic runes with the Runecraftingskill

    Completion of Lost City is required for the following quests: 1. Fairytale I - Growing Pains 2. Heroes' Quest 3. Lunar Diplomacy 4. Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Sir Amik Varze

    Before the quest was reworked, the magic door at the end of the dungeon led into the Wilderness instead of to Draynor Village. Shamus also didn't teleport the player to Port Sarim docks.
    Before the tool belt update, as hatchets couldn't be brought onto Entrana, players had to kill the hatchet-wielding zombies within the dungeon until they dropped a bronze hatchet.
    Before the Woodcutting random events rework, you could bring in an axe handle and head in separately onto Entrana then assemble them to make a hatchet (used to be called axe) to fight the tree spir...
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    The fairy ring code for the main portal in Zanaris is BKS. Zanaris can also be accessed by wielding a dramen staff or lunar staff and entering the small hut in the middle of Lumbridge Swamp, north-west of the Mining tutor in the East Lumbridge Swamp mine. Players can also gain access via The Abyss to the Cosmic Altar. There is a one-way fairy ring ...

    The Lost City quest is a pre-requisite to visiting Zanaris. Both Fairytale Part I and Part IInaturally require visits to the land of the fairies.

    Fairy rings

    1. The fairy ring is located south of the water fountains and west of the farm field (code bks). Activating the ring while carrying a dramen staff or lunar staff will open a combination window to enter a code to go to other fairy rings elsewhere in Gielinor. 2. The other two original fairy rings in Zanaris are exit rings only: 2.1. There is a fairy ring in the market area that leads to just behind Al-Kharidbank. 2.2. The northern fairy ring leads back to Lumbridge Swamps.

    Bank and shop

    There is a bank in Zanaris, close to a general store.

    Market area

    The market area lies to the east of Zanaris and costs one cut diamondto get in. The gatekeeper will stop players with any sacks from entering. Here, players can buy dragon daggers for 30,000 coins, and dragon longswords for 100,000 coins, from Jukat. Players must have completed the Lost Cityquest to be able to wield these powerful weapons. There is also a stall here that sells ruby ring starting from 1,012 coins each, which may be enchanted into rings of forging, useful for smithswith a large...

    Using the Steam Client's expanded draw distance, it is possible to see the lower level of the Evil Chicken's Lair from the southern edge of Zanaris. This is because Zanaris, like all areas not on t...
    The Zanaris choirwill follow players into random events.
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    Starting out

    Items required: A woodcutting axe. To start this quest, take an axe, then head into the Lumbridge Swamp. Go to the northwest corner of the swamp to find a Warrior, an Archer, a Wizard, and a Monk standing around a camp-fire. Talk to the warrior, and ask him, "What are you camped out here for?" He will let it slip that he is searching for Zanaris. Ask him, "Who's Zanaris?", and then, "If it's hidden, how are you planning to find it?" Lastly, say, "Looks like you don't know either,"and in his a...

    The island of Entrana

    Items required: A knife, combat runes, and food(both optional but highly recommended) Unfortunately, you're not allowed to take armour or weapons to Entrana, but you can take: 1. Items to make better armour, such as a needle, thread, and dragonhide or leather 2. Some clothing options, such as H.A.M Robes and Full Graceful 3. A knife and logs (or unstrung bow), and a bow stringso you can make a bow. 4. Arrows 5. Runes (for combat and teleporting) 6. Potions 7. Food 8. Jewellery 9. God books Ma...

    Finishing up

    Items required: Dramen staff Teleport out, and make your way back to the Lumbridge Swamp. A player can use Lumbridge Home Teleport for quick transportation. Wield your Dramen staff, and enter the small hut in the middle of the swamp, north-west of the Lumbridge Swamp training mine and you'll find yourself in Zanaris.

    3 Quest points
    Access to Zanaris.
    Ability to buy and wield dragon longswords and dragon daggers (with level 60 Attack)
    Ability to make Cosmic runes with the Runecraftingskill.

    Completion of Lost City is required for the following quests: 1. Fairytale I - Growing Pains 2. Heroes' Quest 3. Lunar Diplomacy 4. Recipe for Disaster: Sir Amik Varze Completion of Lost City is also required for: 1. Slayer Master Chaeldar (70 Combat)

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