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    • The Keystone Pipeline has spilled much more than expected, new report finds.
      • The pipeline, which runs more than 2,000 miles from Canada to the coast of Texas, has had three major oil leaks since 2010 when it began operating: one in North Dakota in 2011 and two more recently in South Dakota.
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  2. Nov 20, 2019 · The Keystone pipeline debate in 2 mins CNN — The amount of land impacted by an oil spill in North Dakota is almost 10 times larger than initially reported, officials say. The disclosure comes about...

  3. Nov 07, 2019 · (The existing Keystone I pipeline has had one major spill and 11 smaller spills in its first year of operation.)” “ Analysis of the time needed to shut down the pipeline shows that response to a leak at a river crossing could conservatively take more than ten times longer than the 11 minutes and 30 seconds that TransCanada assumes.

  4. Mar 15, 2022 · Since it first went into operation in 2010, TC Energy’s original Keystone Pipeline System has leaked more than a dozen times; one incident in North Dakota sent a 60-foot, 21,000-gallon geyser of...

  5. Oct 31, 2019 · The pipeline also leaked about 16,000 gallons each in spills in 2011 in North Dakota and in 2016 in South Dakota. The original Keystone pipeline system began operation in 2010 and carries crude oil...

  6. Nov 27, 2017 · TransCanada ‘s existing Keystone pipeline has already leaked a significant amount of oil three times in less than seven years. That’s a much higher rate than the company predicted in its risk assessments provided to regulators, Reuters reported. Since the 2,147-mile. pipeline began operating in 2010, it has gushed 5,000-barrels just this ...

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