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  1. Nov 21, 2021 · 1. After clicking the link for map download, click the region where your area or property is located. 2. Choose "Province", "Municipal". However, please note that availability of hazard map may vary depending on the location Municipal, Provincial or Regional).

  2. Landslide Hazard level: High. In the area you have selected landslide susceptibility is classified as high according to the information that is currently available. This means that this area has rainfall patterns, terrain slope, geology, soil, land cover and (potentially) earthquakes that make localized landslides a frequent hazard phenomenon.

  3. Nov 18, 2021 · The Philippines is prone to various natural hazards, i.e. typhoon and earthquakes, thus, occurrence of landslides is inevitable. Awareness and preparedness are the most effective prevention and mitigation measures against possible threats of landslide in the community. What can be done to mini...

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  5. Landslide hazard maps are simulation from 5 meter IFSAR-derived digital terrain model. Hazard maps show unstable slopes and propagation extent. Hazard maps do not include deep-seated complex landslides and extremely long run-out debris avalanche. Data specifications: Format: shapefile. Attributes: LH = 1: Yellow, build only with continuous monitoring; LH = 2: Orange, build only with slope protection and intervention; and continuous monitoring; LH = 3: Red, no dwelling zone.

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  6. Nov 23, 2021 · Earthquake induced landslide hazard in areas in GMMA Philippines 2018. Among the areas within the Greater Metro Manila Area in the Philippines, about 37.6 percent of land area in Rizal was prone ...

  7. The landslide, partly obscured by clouds, is a dark grey slick in the top image, taken on February 20, 2006. The lower image, taken about two years earlier, shows the mountainous region before the slide scarred the land. Though the exact cause of the landslide was still being determined as of February 22, heavy rains are probably to blame.

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