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    ISO 4217 is a standard published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that defines alpha codes and numeric codes for the representation of currencies and provides information about the relationships between individual currencies and their minor units.

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    The first two letters of the code are the two letters of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes (which are also used as the basis for national top-level domains on the Internet). The third letter is usually the initial of the currency itself. So Japan's currency code is JPY, "JP" for Japan and "Y" for yen. This eliminates the problem caused by the names dollar, franc and pound being used in dozens of different countries, each having significantly differing values. Also, if a currency is revalued, the currency code's last letter is changed to distinguish it from the old currency. In some cases, the third letter is the initial for "new" in that country's language, to distinguish it from an older currency that was revalued; the code sometimes outlasts the usage of the term "new" itself (for example, the code for the Mexican peso is MXN). Other changes can be seen, however; the Russian ruble, for example, changed from RUR to RUB, where the B comes from the third letter in the word "ruble". Th...

    In 1973, the ISO Technical Committee 68 decided to develop codes for the representation of currencies and funds for use in any application of trade, commerce or banking. At the 17th session (February 1978) of the related UN/ECEGroup of Experts agreed that the three-letter alphabetic codes for International Standard ISO 4217, "Codes for the representation of currencies and funds", would be suitable for use in international trade. Over time, new currencies are created and old currencies are discontinued. Frequently, these changes are due to new governments (through war or a new constitution), treaties between countries standardizing on a currency, or revaluation of the currency due to excessive inflation. As a result, the list of codes must be updated from time to time. The ISO 4217 maintenance agency (MA), SIX Interbank Clearing, is responsible for maintaining the list of codes.

    Official codes

    The following is a list of active codes of official ISO 4217 currency names.

    Unofficial codes

    The following is a list of active, unofficial codes that emulate the ISO 4217 format.

    The US dollar actually has three codes assigned: USD, USS (same day) and USN (next day). According to UN/CEFACT recommendation 9, paragraphs 8-9 ECE/TRADE/203, 1996, available online: 1. 8. In applications where monetary resources associated with a currency (i.e. funds) need not be specified and where a field identifier indicating currency is used, the first two (leftmost) characters are sufficient to identify a currency–example: US for United States dollars for general, unspecified purposes where a field identifier indicating currency is present. (A field identifier can be a preprinted field heading in an aligned document or a similarly-agreed application in electronic transmission of data.) 2. 9. In applications where there is a need to distinguish between different types of currencies, or where funds are required as in the banking environment, or where there is no field identifier, the third (rightmost) character of the alphabetic code is an indicator, preferably mnemonic, derive...

    A number of territories are not included in ISO 4217, because their currencies are: (a) not per se an independent currency but a variant of another currency, (b) a legal tender only issued as commemorative banknotes and/or coinage, or (c) a currency of an unrecognized or partially recognized state. These currencies are: 1. Alderney pound (1:1 peggedto the pound sterling) 2. Cook Islands dollar(1:1 pegged to the New Zealand dollar) 3. Faroese króna(1:1 pegged to the Danish krone) 4. Guernsey pound(1:1 pegged to the pound sterling) 5. Isle of Man pound(1:1 pegged to the pound sterling) 6. Jersey pound(1:1 pegged to the pound sterling) 7. Kiribati dollar(1:1 pegged to the Australian dollar) 8. Maltese scudo (1:0.24 pegged to the euro) 9. Somaliland shilling (state of issue is viewed as de jure part of Somalia, exchange rate not fixed) 10. Transnistrian ruble (state of issue is viewed as de jure part of Moldova) 11. Tuvaluan dollar(1:1 pegged to the Australian dollar) The following non-...

    A number of currencies were official ISO 4217 currency codes and currency names until their replacement by the euroor other currencies. Note that the currency names used below may not match the currency names used in the ISO standard itself, but the codes do match.

    An older list of ISO 4217 alphabetic codes that contains some history of ISO 4217 (PDFfile)
    Another list of numeric and alphabetic ISO 4217 currency codes Archived 2011-11-29 at the Wayback Machine
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    Ibindi. ALK Ileki Ishaje y’Alubaniya (Albanian Old Lek) AOK Ikwanza Lishya ry’Angola (Angolan New Kwanza) BAD Idenari rya Bosiniya na Herizegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina Dinar)

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    Pages in category "ISO 4217" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 238 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ( learn more ).

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    역사. 1973년에 iso 기술 위원회 68은 무역, 상업, 은행업에 적용하기 위한 통화, 기금을 대표할 코드를 개발하기로 결정하였다. 1978년 2월에 un/ece 전문가 그룹은 국제 표준 iso 4217의 세 개의 알파벳 코드가 국제 무역에 적당하다는 데에 뜻을 모았다.

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    ISO 4217. Wikipedia:st. Siirry navigaatioon Siirry hakuun. ISO 4217 lii aalmugijkoskâsâš standard, mii meerrid puoh staatâi valutân kuulmâ puustav koodi teikâ tubdâlduv (om. EUR ).

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    iso 4217は、1978年に国際標準化機構(iso)が発行した国際規格で、各種の通貨を表すコードについて規定している。 一般に 通貨コード と呼ばれる。 規格のタイトルは Codes for the representation of currencies and funds (通貨と債券の表現のためのコード)である。

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    ISO 4217. Ta'n ISO 4217 ny stundayrt eddyr-ashoonagh ta cur cooney jeh coadyn tree-lettyragh (ny coad argid) dy chur baght er enmyssyn argid as ad bunnit liorish Sheshaght Eddyr-ashoonagh ry hoi Stundayrtagh (ISO).

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    • Formarea Codului
    • Poziția Codului ISO 4217 în Texte
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    Exemple de coduri ISO 4217: USD (Dolar american), EUR (Euro), RON (Leu nou românesc), ROL (Leu vechi românesc), GBP (Liră sterlină).Primele două litere ale unui cod ISO 4217 sunt identice cu codul ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 al țării emitente a valutei; de exemplu în cazul USD, us este codul ISO al Statelor Unite ale Americii. Codurile ISO 4217 ale metalelor prețioase încep cu "X" și următoarele două litere sunt simbolul chimic al elementului (de exemplu XPD pentru Paladiu). Valute supranaționale încep de asemenea cu "X": XAF (Franc CFA BEAC), XCD (Dolar est-caraiban), XOF (Franc CFA BCEAO) și XPF (Franc CFP), dar codul ISO 4217 de Euro este EUR.

    Standardul ISO 4217 nu reglementează în vreun fel poziția codului în text, dar conform European Union Publication Office codul ISO 4217 în limbile engleză, irlandeză, letonă și maltezăse folosește în texte înaintea cantității: 1. „a sum of EUR 30” În bulgară, cehă, daneză, estonă, finlandeză, franceză, germană, greacă, italiană, lituaniană, maghiară, olandeză, poloneză, portugheză, română, slovacă, slovenă, spaniolă și suedezăcodul ISO 4217 se folosește în texte după cantitate: 1. „o sumă de 30 EUR”

    Unii valute nu sunt incluse în ISO 4217, pentru că: (a) nu sunt monede independente iar o variantă unei altă monedă, (b) o valută care se folosește doar pentru bancnote sau monede comemorative, sau (c) o monedă unui stat cu recunoaștere limitată. Valutele fără cod ISO 4217 sunt: 1. Coroană feroeză, Insulele Feroe(fixat cu coroana daneză la o paritate de 1:1) 2. Dolar din Insulele Cook, Insulele Cook(fixat cu dolarul neozeelandez la o paritate de 1:1) 3. Dolar din Kiribati, Kiribati(fixat cu dolarul australian la o paritate de 1:1) 4. Dolar din Tuvalu, Tuvalu(fixat cu dolarul australian la o paritate de 1:1) 5. Dram din Nagorno-Karabah, Republica Nagorno-Karabah(Stat cu recunoaștere limitată) 6. Liră din Alderney, Alderney(fixat cu lira sterlină la o paritate de 1:1; doar monede comemorative) 7. Liră din Guernsey, Guernsey(fixat cu lira sterlină la o paritate de 1:1) 8. Liră din Jersey, Jersey(fixat cu lira sterlină la o paritate de 1:1) 9. Liră din Insula Man, Insula Man(fixat cu li...

    Unii valute cu coduri ISO 4217 au fost substituite de o altă valută. Această listă cuprinde toate coduri oficiale istorice după ISO 4217.

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    ISO 4217. Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. O ISO 4217 é um padrão internacional que define códigos de três letras para as moedas correntes estabelecido pela Organização Internacional para Padronização (pt-BR) ou Organização Internacional de Normalização (pt-PT) (ISO).

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