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    An investor is a person that allocates capital with the expectation of a future financial return or to gain an advantage. Types of investments include equity, debt securities, real estate, infrastructure, currency, commodity, token, derivatives such as put and call options, futures, forwards, etc.

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  3. Investor AB - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Investor AB is a Swedish investment and de facto conglomerate holding company, founded in 1916 and still controlled by the Wallenberg family through their Foundation Asset Management company FAM.

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    • Industrial holding company
  4. Investor relations - Wikipedia

    Investor relations (IR) is a strategic management responsibility that is capable of integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable the most effective two-way communication between a company, the financial community, and other constituencies, which ultimately contributes to a company's securities achieving fair valuation.

  5. Institutional investor - Wikipedia

    This article may need to be rewritten to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. (February 2011) An institutional investor is an entity which pools money to purchase securities, real property, and other investment assets or originate loans.

  6. The Intelligent Investor - Wikipedia

    The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, first published in 1949, is a widely acclaimed book on value investing.The book teaches readers strategies on how to successfully use value investing in the stock market.

    • Benjamin Graham
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    • 1949
    • 1949
  7. Investment - Wikipedia

    Investors famous for their success include Warren Buffett. In the March 2013 edition of Forbes magazine, Warren Buffett ranked number 2 in their Forbes 400 list. [17] Buffett has advised in numerous articles and interviews that a good investment strategy is long-term and due diligence is the key to investing in the right assets.

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    Investor Aktiebolag är ett svenskt investmentbolag som bildades 1916 och som allt sedan starten kontrolleras av familjen Wallenberg genom de så kallade Wallenbergstiftelserna som är huvudägare i företaget. Bolaget förvaltar röststarka aktier i framförallt svenska företag.

  9. Investor penyandang dana, yang dalam bahasa asing disebut angel investor atau di Eropa disebut "business angel", yaitu seseorang yang memiliki dana yang diberikan kepada suatu perusahaan untuk digunakan sebagai modal awal suatu usaha dengan imbalan saham dari perusahaan tersebut. Bank investasi. Bisnis dalam bidang investasi.

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    Investor je investiční fond, banka, penzijní fond, pojišťovna nebo fyzická osoba, která vyhledává optimální způsob, jak zhodnotit své dočasně volné finanční prostředky. Při rozhodování o volbě investice zvažuje investor míru rizika , likviditu a očekávanou výši výnosu.

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