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  1. Cavaquinho - Wikipedia

    The cuatro is a family of larger 4-stringed instruments derived from the cavaquinho that are popular in Latin-American countries in and around the Caribbean. Versions of the iconic Venezuelan cuatro are very similar to the Brazilian cavaquinho, with a neck like a Portuguese cavaquinho.

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  2. Cuatro (instrument) - Wikipedia

    Cuatro means four in Spanish; the instrument's 15th century predecessors were the Spanish vihuela and the Portuguese cavaquinho, the latter having four strings like the cuatro. Modern cuatros come a variety of sizes and shapes, and number of strings.

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  4. The History of the Cuatro Guitar Instrument - TuCuatro

    The history of the Cuatro Instrument doesn’t cease to amaze historians and musicians together, as the instrument had a very particular evolution, a bit different from other cousin instruments from different parts of South America, like the Brazilian Cavaquinho. The Cuatro, also called Cuatro llanero or Venezuelan Cuatro, is being used in many ...

  5. Buying a Cavaquiño, Cuatro, or Charango | Buenos Aires Expats ...ño-cuatro...

    Jan 04, 2010 · West of 9 de julio, Sarmiento and its surrounds is the musical instrument centre of the city. You will find plenty of those instruments around there but because these instruments aren't really native to this area, only a few of the local builders are making them and the rest of what you find will not be much better than toys.

  6. Cuatro Strings

    A part of the guitar family, the traditional, Venezuelan cuatro is a popular instrument in South America and the West Indies. Like its ancestor, the Portuguese cavaquinho, the cuatro features four strings, typically made of nylon. However, the Puerto Rican cuatro is vastly different than the traditional cuatro.

  7. How to Tune a Cavaquinho (Plus Chord Examples) – Fret Expert

    Venezuelan Cuatro or Cuatro Venezolano The 4-stringed cuatro, not to be confused with the Puerto Rican cuatro (a totally different type of instrument), is more akin to the ukulele than the cavaquinho. It’s about the size of a baritone uke and like its close cousin, uses nylon or composite strings.

  8. Cuatro (Venezuela) - Wikipedia

    A popular way to remember the tuning of the cuatro among Venezuelan cuatro players is to play each string individually from top to bottom, while singing the words Cam-bur pin-tón in the same expected notes of the four cuatro strings. (Cambur Pintón means Ripe Banana in Venezuela. The phrase is used mainly because its four syllables are long ...

  9. Cuatro (instrument) - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Cuatro (instrument) and Cavaquinho · See more » Chord (music) A chord, in music, is any harmonic set of pitches consisting of two or more (usually three or more) notes (also called "pitches") that are heard as if sounding simultaneously.

  10. Brazilian Cavaco & Cavaquinho – TuCuatro

    The Cavaquinho, a very popular instrument in Brazil, is now available at TuCuatro. You'll get your instrument at your doors, tested by one of our musicians to assure the quality and without paying excessive shipping costs!

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