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      • Jiangxi (/ dʒæŋˈʃiː, dʒiɒŋ -/; 江西; formerly romanized as Kiangsi or Chianghsi) is a landlocked province in the east of the People's Republic of China. Its major cities include Nanchang and Jiujiang .
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    Jiangxi is a landlocked province in the east of the People's Republic of China. Its major cities include Nanchang and Jiujiang. Spanning from the banks of the Yangtze river in the north into hillier areas in the south and east, it shares a border with Anhui to the north, Zhejiang to the northeast, Fujian to the east, Guangdong to the south, Hunan to the west, and Hubei to the northwest. The name "Jiangxi" is derived from the circuit administrated under the Tang dynasty in 733, Jiangnanxidao. The

  3. Jiangxi province was a province of the Yuan dynasty established in 1277. It included modern Jiangxi, and most of Guangdong. The capital was Longxing (now called Nanchang). See also. Administrative divisions of the Yuan dynasty; References

  4. The history of Jiangxi stretches from Lower Paleolithic times to the present, as Jiangxi was already inhabited by humans one million years ago. Until recently, the earliest known Jiangxi pottery was dated to around 11000 BC,; however, recent finds show that the absolutely earliest known pottery, from ca. 18,000 BC, comes from Xianren Cave in Jiangxi. In this Chinese province the full Neolithic period began before 8000 BC, as represented by Xianrendong culture in discovering cultivated rice over

  5. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jiangxi in China Jiangxi is a province of People's Republic of China. Its capital and largest city is Nanchang . Other websites "Map of Jiangxi Province with Explanations" is an old map made between the years of 1573 and 1620 This short article about a place or feature can be made longer.

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    Jiangxi (help·info) ( Cheenese: 江 西; pinyin: Jiāngxī; Wade–Giles: Chiang-hsi; Postal map spelling: Kiangsi, Gan: Kongsi) is a province in the Fowkrepublic o Cheenae, locatit in the sootheast o the kintra.

    • Nanchang
    • Contraction o:, 江南西; Jiāngnán Xī, "The wastren Jiangnan"
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