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    Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado (/ ˈ h aʊ r ɛ ɡ i /; born June 27, 1996) is an American singer and songwriter.A former member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Jauregui began experimenting with different sounds and exploring solo songwriting, collaborating on songs with Marian Hill, Steve Aoki and Halsey.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia American singer and songwriter Lauren Jauregui has released seven singles (including two as a featured artist), and one promotional single as a featured artist. In 2012, Jauregui auditioned as a solo artist in the second season of The X Factor.

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    De la Wikipedia, enciclopedia liberă Lauren Michelle Jauregui (/ˈhaʊ.rɛɡi/ ; n. 27 iunie 1996, Miami, Florida, SUA) este o cântăreață americană, cel mai bine cunoscută ca și membră a grupului de fete Fifth Harmony.

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    Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado (Miami, 27 de junho de 1996), mais conhecida como Lauren Jauregui, é uma cantora e compositora americana de ascendência cubana, conhecida mundialmente por ser ex-integrante do girl group Fifth Harmony, formado em 2012 através da segunda temporada do talent show The X Factor US.

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    Lauren Jauregui in 2013 El 22 de octubre de 2013, lanzaron el debut de su EP Better Together . [ 4 ] En la primera semana alcanzó el puesto número seis en la lista estadounidense Billboard 200 , su primer sencillo « Miss Movin' On », [ 5 ] entró en la lista de Billboard Hot 100 y fue certificado oro en los Estados Unidos .

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    "More Than That" is a song by American singer and songwriter Lauren Jauregui, released on January 11, 2019. Written by Jauregui two to three years before its release, the song was inspired by Greek goddess Aphrodite and depicts a flirtation that is challenged. Creatively directed by Jauregui, the music video references Greek and Roman mythology, along with Sandro Botticelli's paintings Primavera and The Birth of Venus. "More Than That" was positively-received by music journalists, who called the

    "More Than That" is one of two songs Jauregui performed at MTV's Plus 1 The Vote Election Party in November 2018. On January 8, 2019, Jauregui announced that "More Than That" would be released on January 11, 2019. The following day, Jauregui released the single's cover art, inspired by the renaissance painting The Birth of Venus. Billboard described the cover as "sexy, Renaissance-era-inspired artwork"; Idolator called it a "glorious" and "literal work of art"; and MTV deemed it a "Louvre-worthy

    Jauregui called "More Than That" a "sassy" song about flirtation that is "not necessarily engaging" but conscious, and about "sticking to my own guns and not giving into the flirtation". In a Beats 1 interview, Jauregui said she wrote the song without intention to keep it for herself, "so that separation made me be more free in the moment." Jauregui was inspired by the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite, remarking that "she's very sensual. She's about love. She's about connection with pleasure and

    MTV called "More Than That" a "hypnotic" and "sultry number that finds her cooly asserting her dominance". Idolator wrote that the "darkly seductive banger" showcases Jauregui's "full potential" and praised the "beguiling" production. Uproxx called the song a "first-class banger" and "an excellent showcase" of Jauregui's "smoky, sonorous voice". Earmilk complimented the production, and wrote that Jauregui "sets the bar high" with the song "packed to the rim with attitude, including ample bark to

    The music video was released on January 18, 2019. It was directed by Lauren Dunn and creatively directed and co-edited by Jauregui, who also cast the dancers. Inspired by the Greek goddess Aphrodite, Jauregui described her concept as "Aphrodite's visit to Earth" while she "finds herself in a unique club surrounded by the earthly embodiments of the divine feminine". The video is also partly inspired by Sandro Botticelli's renaissance painting Primavera, in which the Roman goddess Venus stands amo

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    Lauren Jauregui (s. 27. kesäkuuta 1996 Miami, Florida, Yhdysvallat) on yhdysvaltalainen laulaja-lauluntekijä. Hän on tyttöbändi Fifth Harmonyn entinen jäsen.

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    Jauregui was born in Miami, Florida, to Michael Jauregui and Clara Morgado, who was born in Miami . Her father is a plant manager, and her mother is a teacher, who moved to the United States when she was pregnant with Lauren Jauregui.She has three younger siblings. Jauregui's lineage is Cuban with some Spanish. She attended Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, an all-gay school in Miami, where she participated in extracurricular activities including the softball team and talent show.Artists who have influenced her include Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, Janelle Monae, and Pentatonix, among others.

    The X Factor and Fifth Harmony

    In 2012, at the age of 17, Jauregui auditioned for the second season of the American version of The X Factor in Greensboro, North Carolina with the song "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. Her audition was described as "perfect" by Antonio Reid, who considered Jauregui had a "husky, round, mature" voice. During the second round of Bootcamp, she was put up against country group Sister C with the song "These Arms of Mine". After failing to make it as a solo artist, Jauregui was brought back al...

    Solo projects

    After the release of "Work from Home", Jauregui continued with Divas and her solo endeavors, as individual members started to launch solo projects outside the group. In December 2016, she was featured on a single titled "Back to Me" with Marian Hill. Jauregui was voted as the sexiest woman in the top 100 list 2016. She was also voted by the public as "Celebrity of the Year" at the 2017 British LGBT Awards. She was later featured on Halsey's album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom on th...

    Jauregui is politically outspoken and actively involved in protests.She has written several open letters since the 2016 United States presidential election, criticizing Donald Trump and his policies, including the "Muslim ban", calling it "disrespectful to Humanity". She penned an open letter to Trump supporters, published by Billboardon November 18, 2016, talking about the political climate and effects of Trump's election, adding that: "your actions have led to the single-handed destruction of all the progress we've made socially as a nation." In the letter, she stated that she is Gay

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    The Lauren Jauregui Wiki is a website dedicated to the American singer, Lauren Jauregui. Our goal is to provide a free online encyclopedia on everything Lauren. The community has reached a size of 88 articles. "All Night" is a song by Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui. It was released on November 17, 2017, and its music video was released on January 8, 2018. The song is Jauregui's fourth solo ...

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