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  1. Proto-Malayo-Polynesian ( PMP) is the reconstructed ancestor of the Malayo-Polynesian languages, which is by far the largest branch (by current speakers) of the Austronesian language family. Proto-Malayo-Polynesian is ancestral to all Austronesian languages spoken outside Taiwan, as well as the Yami language on Taiwan's Orchid Island.

  2. Today five Malayo-Polynesian languages have official status in five important states: Malagasy, in Madagascar; Malay, in Malaysia; Indonesian (also called Bahasa Indonesia, and based on Malay), in Indonesia; Pilipino (based on Tagalog), in the Philippines; and Maori, in New Zealand. Except for Maori, these languages have come to be widely ...

  3. The Malayo-Sumbawan languages are a proposed subgroup of the Austronesian languages that unites the Malayic and Chamic languages with the languages of Java and the western Lesser Sunda Islands (western Indonesia ), except for Javanese (Adelaar 2005). [1] [2] If valid, it would be the largest demonstrated family of Malayo-Polynesian outside Oceanic.

  4. The Central Malayo-Polynesian (CMP) languages are located almost exclusively within Wallacea. Other language groups in Wallacea include the North Halmahera, Celebic, and South Sulawesi languages. In the original proposal, CEMP is divided into Central Malayo-Polynesian (CMP) and Eastern Malayo-Polynesian (EMP).

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  6. Malayo- definition, a combining form of Malay. See more.

  7. What is the translation of "malayo" in English? es. volume_up. malayo = en. volume_up. Malay. Translations Pronunciation Translator Phrasebook open_in_new. ES.

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