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  1. Prospecting - Wikipedia

    Prospecting is the first stage of the geological analysis (followed by exploration) of a territory. It is the search for minerals, fossils, precious metals, or mineral specimens. It is also known as fossicking. Traditionally prospecting relied on direct observation of mineralization in rock outcrops or in sediments.

  2. Prospecting is the physical search for minerals, fossils, precious metals or mineral specimens. It is also known as fossicking or, on a large scale, as mineral exploration . This short article can be made longer.

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  4. Gold prospecting - Wikipedia

    Gold prospecting is the act of searching for new gold deposits. Methods used vary with the type of deposit sought and the resources of the prospector. Although traditionally a commercial activity, in some developed countries placer gold prospecting has also become a popular outdoor recreation.

  5. Prospect - Wikipedia

    General. Prospekt (street) Prospect (marketing), a marketing term describing a potential customer Prospect (sports), any player whose rights are owned by a professional team, but who has yet to play a game for the team

  6. Prospection - Wikipedia

    In psychology, prospection is the generation and evaluation of mental representations of possible futures. The term therefore captures a wide array of future-oriented psychological phenomena, including the prediction of future emotion (affective forecasting), the imagination of future scenarios (episodic foresight), and planning.

  7. Bioprospecting - Wikipedia

    e Bioprospecting (also known as biodiversity prospecting) is the exploration of natural sources for small molecules, macromolecules and biochemical and genetic information that could be developed into commercially valuable products for the agricultural, aquaculture, bioremediation, cosmetics, nanotechnology, or pharmaceutical industries.

  8. Hancock Prospecting - Wikipedia

    Hancock Prospecting exploration activities are done under the Jacaranda Alliance, a joint venture between Hancock, Minerals Australia Pty Ltd, and several former executives of Rio Tinto. Exploration and evaluation work on uranium, molybdenum, lead, zinc, gold, diamonds and petroleum deposits are conducted in Australia, Papua New Guinea, New ...

  9. Prospect (film) - Wikipedia

    Prospect is a 2018 American science fiction film starring Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher, and Jay Duplass.The film, written and directed by Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell, features a teenage girl and her father traveling to an alien moon with a contract to mine gems in the moon's poisonous forest.

  10. Aug 16, 2020 ยท Prospecting is a Jewelcrafting ability which allows the gathering of gems from raw ore that can be obtained via the Mining skill. Five ore of the same type are consumed per prospecting attempt and produces 1-3 gems, with the most common result being a single gem prospected.

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