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  1. Richard Bennett (guitarist) - Wikipedia

    Richard Bennett (born July 22, 1951) is an American guitarist and record producer. As a touring sideman, he performed with Neil Diamond for seventeen years and Mark Knopfler since 1994. As a session musician, he has worked with Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand, Rodney Crowell, and Vince Gill.

  2. Richard Bennett discography - Wikipedia

    Richard Bennett 18 July 2008 at the NAC in Ottawa. Richard Bennett is an American guitarist, composer, and record producer. In addition to his 5 solo albums, and his recordings with Neil Diamond and Mark Knopfler, he has been featured as a performer and producer on many albums by other artists.

  3. Richard Bennett - Wikipedia,_Richard

    Richard Bennett (actor) (1870–1944), film star and father of actresses Constance Bennett and Joan Bennett; Richard Bennett Lamas (born 1968), Uruguayan former comic book artist; Music. Richard Bennett (guitarist) (born 1951), Nashville based musician and record producer; Richard Rodney Bennett (1936–2012), British composer; Politics ...

  4. Richard Bennett

    While making a successful living as the first call guitarist for the likes of Mark Knopfler and Neil Diamond, Richard Bennett has also quietly amassed an impressive catalogue of his own. Classy and understated, his albums are reminiscent of the days when instrumental bands such as The Ventures, The Shadows, Santo and Johnny or Johnny and the ...

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  6. Bio — Richard Bennett

    Richard Bennett's résumé is just silly; it's just flat out ridiculous.Not only has he been Mark Knopfler's go to guitar player in the studio and on the road since 1994 (and still is,) but he spent almost seventeen years (1971-1987) as Neil Diamond's guitar player before that.

  7. Richard Rodney Bennett - Wikipedia

    Sir Richard Rodney Bennett CBE (29 March 1936 – 24 December 2012) was an English composer of film, TV and concert music, and also a jazz pianist and occasional vocalist. He was based in New York City from 1979 until his death there in 2012.

  8. Richard Bennett – Wikipedia

    Richard Bennett (fødd 22. juli 1951) er ein amerikansk gitarist, sidemann, studiomusikar og plateprodusent. Han har turnert med Neil Diamond i 17 år og Mark Knopfler sidan 1994. Som studiomusikar har han arbeidd med mange musikarar som Billy Joel og Barbra Streisand til Rodney Crowell og Vince Gill.

  9. Bennett (name) - Wikipedia

    Richard Bennett (guitarist) (born 1951), American guitarist and record producer Richard Rodney Bennett (1936–2012), English composer Robert Russell Bennett (1894–1981), American composer

  10. Discography — Richard Bennett

    Guitar: The Bellamy Brothers: Beautiful Friends (1978) Guitar: The Bellamy Brothers: Country Rap (1987) Electric, Acoustic, Hawaiian Guitar: Richard Bennett: Themes from a Rainy Decade (2004) Richard Bennett: Code Red Cloud Nine (2008) Richard Bennett: Valley of the Sun (2010) Richard Bennett: For the Newly Blue (2013) Richard Bennett: Contrary ...

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