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  2. Screenwriter - Wikipedia

    A screenplay writer (also called screenwriter for short), scriptwriter or scenarist, is a writer who practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays on which mass media, such as films, television programs and video games, are based.

  3. Screenwriter - Wikipedia

    Screenwriter Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge A screenplay writer, screenwriter for short, or scriptwriter or scenarist is a writer who practices the craft o screenwritin, writin screenplays on which mass media such as films, televeesion programs, comics or video gemmes are based.

  4. Screenwriting software - Wikipedia

    Arc Studio Pro - Professional screenwriting software with automatic formatting, real time collaboration and drag and drop outlining features. Free and paid versions available. Beat - Free and open source screenwriting app for macOS, with drag and drop outlining, scene card and timeline views. It uses the Fountain plain text format.

  5. Movie Magic Screenwriter - Wikipedia

    Scriptor later purchased ScriptThing, another screenwriting program, which was combined into Movie Magic Screenwriter. The program was considered an industry standard, along with Final Draft. The Mac version of Screenwriter won a Macworld Editor's Choice Award for the year 2000. See also. List of screenwriting software; References

    • 6.0 (PC); 6.0 (MAC)
    • Windows; Mac
  6. Douglas Stuart (writer) - Wikipedia

    Douglas Stuart (born 1976) is a Scottish-American writer and fashion designer. His debut novel, Shuggie Bain, was awarded the 2020 Booker Prize

    • Scottish-American
    • May 31, 1976 (age 44), Sighthill, Glasgow, Scotland
  7. Alan Ball (screenwriter) - Wikipedia

    Alan Erwin Ball (born May 13, 1957) is an American writer, director, and producer for television, film, and theater.. Ball wrote the screenplay for American Beauty, for which he earned an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

  8. Joan Harrison (screenwriter) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joan Harrison (20 June 1907 – 14 August 1994) was an English screenwriter and producer. She became the first female screenwriter to be nominated for an Oscar.

  9. What Does a Screenwriter Do? The Fundamentals of the Job

    Sep 15, 2019 · A screenwriter writes content for visual mediums. They write screenplays for feature films, short films, television, commercials, and video games. They create the dialogue, the characters and the storyline of a script. Screenwriters may start off as freelance, and write their first few screenplays “on spec,” or speculation.

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