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    As defined by the United States Census Bureau, the Southern region of the United States includes sixteen states. As of 2010, an estimated 114,555,744 people, or thirty seven percent of all U.S. residents, lived in the South, the nation's most populous region.

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    The Southern United States (also known as The Southern States or "The South" among Americans) is a term for the Southeastern part of the United States. All Confederate States were in the South, but not all Southern States joined the Confederacy. The States farthest to the south are called the "Deep South".

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    The history of the Southern United States reaches back hundreds of years and includes the Mississippian people, well known for their mound building.European history in the region began in the very earliest days of the exploration and colonization of North America.

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    The culture of the Southern United States, or Southern culture, is a subculture of the United States. The combination of its unique history and the fact that many Southerners maintain—and even nurture—an identity separate from the rest of the country has led to it being the most studied and written-about region of the U.S.

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    The cuisine of the Southern United States developed in the traditionally defined American South. Tidewater, Appalachian, Cajun, Creole, Lowcountry, and Floribbean are examples of types of Southern cuisine. In recent history, elements of Southern cuisine have spread north, having an effect on the development of other types of American cuisine.

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    Southern American English or Southern U.S. English is a regional dialect or collection of dialects of American English spoken throughout the Southern United States, though increasingly in more rural areas and primarily by White Southerners.

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    Elections in the Southern United States are a composite or summary of elections is each of its component states.. The South produced several electoral movements such as Strom Thurmond's Dixiecrats in 1948 and George Wallace's American Independent Party in 1968.

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    The Southeastern United States, also referred to as the American Southeast or simply the Southeast and sometimes simply the South, is, broadly, the eastern portion of the Southern United States and the southern portion of the Eastern United States. It comprises at least a core of states on the lower East Coast of the United States and eastern Gulf Coast. Expansively, it includes everything south of the Mason–Dixon line, the Ohio River, and the 36°30' parallel, and as far west as Arkansas...

    The US Geological Survey considers the Southeast region to be Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee, plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. The Virgin Islands. There is no official Census Bureau definition of the southeastern United States; instead, they divide a larger region including Texas and Oklahoma designated as the "South" into three subregions none of which are conventionally considered to define the southeast. The nonprofit Am

    The history of human presence in the Southeast extends to before the dawn of civilization about 11,000 BC. The earliest artifacts were from the Clovis culture. Before the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans of the Woodland period tradition occupied the region for several hundred years. The first Europeans to arrive in the region were conquistadors of the Spanish Empire. In 1541, Hernando de Soto journeyed through the south and crossed the Mississippi River. The region hosted the first permane

    The predominant culture of the Southeast has its origins with the settlement of the region by British colonists and African slaves in the 17th century, as well as large groups of English, Scots and Ulster-Scots, Germans, Spanish, French, and Acadians in succeeding centuries. Since the late 20th century the New South has emerged as the fastest-growing area of the United States economically. Multiculturalism has become mainstream in the Southeastern states. African Americans remain a dominant demo

    Most of the southeastern part of the United States is dominated by the humid subtropical climate. As one nears the southern portions of Florida, the climate gradually becomes tropical as winters are freezing free and all months have a mean temperature above 64.4 °F. Seasonally, summers are generally hot and humid throughout the entire region. The Bermuda High pumps hot and moist air mass from the tropical Atlantic Ocean and eastern Gulf of Mexico westward toward the southeast United States ...

    • 580,835 sq mi (1,504,360 km²)
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    • 97,438,243
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