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  1. Opel Speedster - Wikipedia › wiki › Opel_Speedster

    The Opel Speedster also known as the Vauxhall VX220 is a mid engined, targa topped, two seat sports car sold by the German automaker Opel, which was introduced in July 2000. It was built in both RHD and LHD versions, at the Lotus Cars plant in Hethel , Norfolk , England.

  2. Roadster (automobile) - Wikipedia › wiki › Speedster_(automobile)

    The roadster was also a style of racing car driven in United States Auto Club (USAC) Championship Racing, including the Indianapolis 500, in the 1950s and 1960s. This type of racing car was superseded by rear-mid-engine cars.

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  4. Studebaker Speedster - Wikipedia › wiki › Studebaker_Speedster

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Studebaker Speedster is an automobile produced by the Studebaker Corporation of South Bend, Indiana during the 1955 model year. The vehicle was considered Studebaker's halo model for the 1955 season.

  5. Auburn Speedster - Wikipedia › wiki › Auburn_Speedster

    The Auburn Speedster was an American car, manufactured by the Auburn Automobile Company of Auburn, Indiana. The Auburn 851 Speedster of 1935 was styled by designer Gordon Buehrig, who also was responsible for the Cord Model 810.

    • 1925-1937
    • 4.8L side-valve Lycoming engine, 6.4L V12 Lycoming
  6. Speedster - Wikipedia › wiki › Speedster

    Speedster may refer to: Aircraft. Kadiak KC-2 Speedster, a 1930s American radial engined homebuilt biplane design; Rearwin Speedster, a 1930s American airplane design; Theiss Speedster, an American biplane design; Automotive. Speedster (automobile), a type of car body closely related to the roadster, examples of which are : Auburn Speedster

  7. Porsche 356 - Wikipedia › wiki › Porsche_356

    The car was built of a unibody construction, making restoration difficult for cars that were kept in rust-prone climates. One of the most desirable collector models is the 356 "Speedster", introduced in late 1954 after Max Hoffman advised the company that a lower-cost, somewhat spartan open-top version could sell well in the American market.

  8. Auburn Automobile - Wikipedia › wiki › Auburn_Automobile

    The Speedster was styled or modified to use leftover speedster bodies. Buehrig and a design team were then assigned to E.L. Cord's so-called "Baby Duesenberg" to build a smaller, more affordable car. Designed by Buehrig in 1933, it became the acclaimed 1936/37 Cord 810/ 812 Cords, a hit at the November 1935 annual New York Automobile Show ...

  9. Kissel Motor Car Company - Wikipedia › wiki › Kissel_Motor_Car_Company

    The most popular Kissel model was the 1919 thru 1927 Speedster, nicknamed the Gold Bug. The two passenger (sometimes four-passenger) Gold Bug was owned by famous personalities of the time such as actor Fatty Arbuckle and aviator Amelia Earhart. Beginning in 1927, Kissel also produced the sporty White Eagle Speedster.

  10. What is a Speedster? — › blog › 2018/8/25

    Aug 25, 2018 · The speedster as a model has been under-reported in automotive history, yet its essence permeates the very roots of our emotions that bond us to the most significant invention of the twentieth century – the automobile. This blog is written to celebrate the speedster.

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