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    The Taconic Mountains or Taconic Range (/ t ə ˈ k ɒ n ɪ k /) are a range of the Appalachian Mountains, running along the eastern border of New York State and adjacent New England from northwest Connecticut to western Massachusetts, north to central western Vermont.

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    The Taconic Mountains — a mountain range in the Northeastern United States.

  3. Misery Mountain (Taconic Mountains) - Wikipedia

    Misery Mountain, 2,671 feet, with at least ten well-defined summits, is a prominent 6 mi long ridgeline in the Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts and adjacent New York. The west side of the mountain is located in New York; the east side and high point lie within Massachusetts. The summit ridge is part meadow and part wooded with red spruce, balsam fir, and northern hardwood tree species. It is notable for its views of the Hudson River Valley to the west. The 35 mi Taconic Crest Trail tra

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  5. White Rock (Taconic Mountains) - Wikipedia

    This article is about a ridge of the Taconic Mountains. For other uses, see White Rock. White Rock, 2,550 feet (780 m), is the high point on a 7 mi (11 km) ridgeline in the Taconic Mountains. The ridge is located in the tri-state corner of New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the towns of Petersburgh, Williamstown, and Pownal.

  6. Pine Mountain (Taconic Mountains) - Wikipedia

    Pine Mountain, 2,221 feet (677 m), is a prominent peak in the Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts.The mountain is located in Pittsfield State Forest and is traversed by the Pine Mountain Trail, which connects to the 35 mi (56 km) Taconic Crest hiking trail and the 12.1 mi (19.5 km) multi-use Taconic Skyline Trail.

  7. Taconic Crest Trail - Wikipedia

    The Taconic Crest Trail is a 37 mi (60 km) hiking trail in the Taconic Mountains in the northeastern United States. The trail extends from U.S. Route 20 in Hancock, Massachusetts, less than 1 mi (1.6 km) east of the New York border, north along the ridgecrest of the Taconic Range, first within Massachusetts, then weaving along the border of New York and Massachusetts and New York and Vermont ...

  8. Taconic orogeny - Wikipedia

    The Taconic orogeny was a mountain building period that ended 440 million years ago and affected most of modern-day New England. A great mountain chain formed from eastern Canada down through what is now the Piedmont of the East coast of the United States.

  9. Potter Mountain - Wikipedia

    Potter Mountain is a prominent ridgeline located in the Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts. It has several peaks; the most notable are the southern Jiminy Peak, 2,392 feet (729 m), which bears the name of the ski area located on its slopes, and Widow White's Peak, 2,430 feet (740 m), the ridge high point.

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    Taconic Mountains je známé svou krásnou krajinou a významnou rekreační hodnotou. Nachází se zde okolo 60 různých chráněných krajinných oblastí a pohořím prochází stovky kilometrů turistických tras (včetně 3 500 km dlouhé Appalačské stezky).

  11. Taconic State Parkway - Wikipedia

    December 8, 2005. The Taconic State Parkway (often called the Taconic or the TSP and known administratively as New York State Route 987G or NY 987G) is a 104.12-mile (167.56 km) divided highway between Kensico Dam and Chatham, the longest parkway in the U.S. state of New York. It follows a generally north-south route midway between the Hudson River and the Connecticut and Massachusetts state lines, much of its upper section along the westernmost flank of the Taconic Mountains.