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    Tamil Nadu (Tamil: [ˈtamiɻ ˈnaːɽɯ] ()) is one of the 28 states of India.Its capital and largest city is Chennai.Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian subcontinent and is bordered by the union territory of Puducherry and the South Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

    • 26 January 1950
    • India
    • Chennai
    • 38
  2. History of Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia

    The east coast of Tamil Nadu was one of the areas affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, during which almost 8000 people died in the disaster. The sixth most populous state in the Indian Union, Tamil Nadu was the seventh-largest economy in 2005 among the states of India.

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  4. From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tamil Nadu (Tamil: தமிழ்நாடு) is one of the states in India. The capital of this state is Chennai. Tamil is the language spoken in Tamil Nadu.

    • 129,966 km² (50,180 sq mi)
    • Unicameral (295* seats)
  5. COVID-19 pandemic in Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia

    On 20 April, 43 new cases reported in Tamil Nadu bringing the total cases in Tamil Nadu to 1,520. The infection rate in the state had dropped from 13% on 1 April 2020 to 3.6%. On 22 April, 33 new cases reported in Tamil Nadu bringing the total cases to 1,629. 27 patients were discharged making total discharged to 662.

  6. Government of Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Structure
    • Officials
    • Administrative divisions
    • E-governance

    The Government of Tamil Nadu is the governing authority for the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is seated at Fort St George, Chennai. The legislature of Tamil Nadu was bicameral until 1986, when it was replaced by a unicameral legislature, like most other states in India.

    The Governor is the constitutional head of state while the Chief Minister heads the council of ministers. The Chief Justice of the Madras High Court is the head of the judiciary.

    Presently Banwarilal Purohit is the governor and Edappadi K. Palanisamy is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Amreshwar Pratap Sahi is the current Chief Justice of Madras High Court.

    The state of Tamil Nadu has a population of 72,138,959 as per the 2011 Census and covers an area of 130,058 km². The major administrative units of the state constitute 38districts, 76 revenue divisions, 220 taluks, 15 municipal corporations, 148 municipalities, 385 panchayat unions, 561 town panchayats and 12,524 village panchayats.

    The Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency is the entity that facilitates e-governance efforts in Tamil Nadu. As part of the e-governance initiative, a large part of government records like land ownership records have been digitised. All major administrative offices like local governance bodies and various government departments have been computerised.

  7. Economy of Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Energy
    • Industry and manufacturing

    Tamil Nadu has the second-largest economy in India.It is the most industrialised state in India. Over 60% of the state is urbanized, accounting for 10.6% of the urban population in the country, while only comprising 6% of India's total population. Services contributes to 45% of the economic activity in the state, followed by manufacturing at 34% and agriculture at 21%. Government is the major investor in the state, with 52% of total investments, followed by private Indian investors at 29.9% and

    Tamil Nadu, being an industrialized and urbanized state, is among the top 3 states with respect to generation of electricity. The total installed capacity of Tamil Nadu stands at around 30200 MW as in September 2018, that derives 11500 MW of power from solar and wind energy. Tamil Nadu has the distinction of being the leader in renewable energy in India by adopting clean sources of energy and having established wind farms as early as 1995. Today it produces more wind power than Denmark and the N

    One of the global electrical equipment public sector company BHEL has manufacturing plants at Tiruchirappalli and Ranipet. The Tamil Nadu state government owns the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers, the world's biggest bagasse-based paper mills in Karur. The world's sixth largest manufacturer of watches together with TATA, under the brand name of "Titan" which has manufacturing plant in Hosur. 40 percent of all wind-generated electricity in India is created by windmills in Tamil Nadu. Danish wind

    • 13% (2019-20)
    • 218,599 (US$3,100) (2019–20)
    • 18.45 trillion (US$260 billion) (2019–20)
    • 2nd
  8. List of districts of Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia

    The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has 38 districts after several splits of the original 13 districts at the formation of the state on 1 November 1956. The states are further divided into taluks and smaller administrative units.

    • 38 districts
    • Perambalur – 565,223 (lowest); Chennai – 4,646,732 (highest)
  9. Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly - Wikipedia

    The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.It has a strength of 234 members of whom are democratically elected using the First-past-the-post system.

  10. Salem, Tamil Nadu - Wikipedia,_Tamil_Nadu

    Salem (pronunciation (help · info)) is a major city in Salem district, located on the banks of Thirumanimutharu river in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.It is located about 140 kilometres (87 mi) northwest of Tiruchirappalli, 160 kilometres (99 mi) northeast of Coimbatore, 186 kilometres (116 mi) southeast of Bangalore and about 340 kilometres (210 mi) southwest of the state capital, Chennai.

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